Umbrella reservations

Click on the map and select the beach establishment you prefer, you will redirect to the correct online beach booking.

Enjoy… a carefree day in Bibione!

If you hire a spot on the beach for the day, you get free parking. When you book, you’ll receive a ticket that you can use to park in the areas that are subject to payment. The offer is only available while tickets and/or parking spaces last. Would you like to find out more? Click on the banner below.

Prenota l'ombrellone, il posteggio è gratis.

Have you already booked a break in Bibione?

If you’ve booked accommodation in a hotel, apartment or campsite, an umbrella will be included in the price (unless you’ve only reserved a pitch in a campsite).

However, we recommend that you contact the place where you’re staying to find out how the booking system works.