Umbrella reservations

Click on the map and select the beach establishment you prefer, you will redirect to the correct online beach booking.

Public beach bookings

Due to the social distancing requirements established by Italian national and regional legislation, in summer 2020 it is necessary to book in advance in order to access the public areas of the beach in Bibione.

To book a spot for free, simply go to

Enjoy… a carefree day in Bibione!

For the whole of summer 2020, all of the parking spaces marked with blue lines in Bibione will be completely free, so all that you need to think about is having a carefree day at the beach.

Have you already booked a break in Bibione?

If you’ve booked accommodation in a hotel, apartment or campsite, an umbrella will be included in the price (unless you’ve only reserved a pitch in a campsite).

However, we recommend that you contact the place where you’re staying to find out how the booking system works.