Smoke Free Beach

Have you been dreaming of a smoke-free beach for years? Your wish has been granted by Bibione Smoke-Free Beach, which aims to improve the holiday experience for everyone.

The initiative marks a move in an important direction for the governance of the local area: the emphasis is on a drive for sustainability because it is the only way to preserve the hugely popular wonders that attract so many people to the resort.

Bibione initially started out down this path with the “Breathe the Sea Air” scheme in 2011. That was when people truly began to believe in the idea of a beach where tourists could breathe clean air and sink their feet into sand that was free of cigarette butts.

After eight years of trials, with the Smoke-Free Beach Bibione is showing that it is doing its utmost to take on the challenge laid down by Health 2020: the European health and well-being policy framework that aims to prevent and reduce the severity of diseases.

The plans for implementing the smoking ban include setting up clearly marked, specially equipped smoking areas.

Useful information:

  • Spread out along the 9 km shoreline are no fewer than 40 smoking areas, which are marked clearly by attractive wooden structures.
  • The fine for breaking the rules is €50.
  • The smoking ban does not apply to electronic cigarettes. Smoking in the sea is not pemitted.
  • The authorities try to maintain a low-key presence on the beach, but they are always ready to take action if necessary.
  • If you see someone smoking on the beach despite the fact that there are numerous signs clearly stating that it is not permitted, you can inform the lifeguards or the Municipal Police.

P.S. If you want to find out more, the smoking ban is established by art. 4a4 of San Michele al Tagliamento Town Council Ordinance for Bathing Activity Management no. 17 of 30/04/2019.