Services Beach

The first thing that catches your eye will be the broad expanse of sand, the dunes and the trees in the background. As you get closer, you’ll feel your feet sinking into the fine, soft sand, which is meticulously groomed and cleaned. It slopes down gently into the shallow water of the sea.

Once you’re under your umbrella, you’ll realize just how much space you have to yourself. The big gaps between the umbrellas help to create a relaxing atmosphere and give people plenty of room to get around.

All of this makes the beach an ideal place not only for lovers of active, sporty and dynamic holidays but also for those who want to take it easy and unwind.

A host of services on the beach to make your holiday even more special

  • There are 12 service zones with beach huts, showers, toilets, ticket offices, information offices, nurseries and infirmaries to provide first aid.
  • Each section of the beach is cleaned and tidied every day and the waste is separated for recycling.
  • Night surveillance service every day from 22:00 to 05:00
  • There is a free shuttle bus exclusively for customers of holiday rental agencies and for the “Un Nuovo Posto al Sole” area of the beach.
  • Umbrellas can be booked online. If you book a holiday in a hotel or an apartment, the umbrella rental costs will be included with your stay.
  • A total of six fully equipped first aid stations are spread all along the beach, ready to provide prompt assistance whenever necessary.
  • There are 29 lifeguard stations to keep swimmers safe, with qualified staff and both rowing boats and jetboats.
  • A dermatologist visits the beach once a week.
  • here are play areas and entertainment for young and old alike (including kids clubs). Every day there are initiatives for people of all ages on the beach: children, teenagers and adults can choose from a wide range of fun, free activities that are organized by qualified staff.
  • Adults and children can make the most of the facilities at the Sport Village and sport areas, beach volleyball, beach tennis and bocce courts, beach soccer pitches, and swimming, sailing, surfing, canoeing and kayaking schools. In addition, guided mountain biking and horse riding tours can be organized.
  • There are 12 nurseries, comfortable rooms with changing tables and hot water that provide parents with a peaceful place to change or freshen up their children in privacy.
  • Bibione was the first beach with a “Customer Service” team. From 8.00 am to 8.00 pm, beachgoers can rely on an accomplished, courteous professional team to cater to all of their needs.
  • Thanks to the “BibioneWIFI” service, tourists can surf the web, send emails and chat online under their umbrellas.
  • Pluto’s Beach is a dog-friendly stretch of sand for tourists who are on holiday with their four-legged friends. There are large spaces, umbrellas, lead holders, special sun loungers and showers, bowls for water, an agility course and dog shows. It is open to anyone whose dog has a lead, a microchip and valid vaccination certificates. The number of spots available at Bibione’s dog beach is limited so we recommend booking an umbrella and all of the associated facilities well in advance. It is located at the eastern end of the beach and it is accessible from Via Procione – Lido dei Pini

There are special ramps on the beach to make it easier to enter and reach the different sections. Disabled tourists will also be provided with one of the umbrellas nearest the boardwalk, to which an additional section will be added to make it easier to get around. Furthermore, beach wheelchairs are available so that disabled guests can reach the sea and bathe in complete safety. Finally, all of the disabled bathrooms and other facilities are fitted with bells to call for assistance if needed.