Accessible holidays

Holidays for everyone? It’s one of our greatest accomplishments!

“Bibione Destinazione Accessibile” has won the Bibione operators over – comes from a deep consideration and from the study of data: only in Italy, more than 10 million people with disabilities are still struggling to find a tourist location that meets own needs in terms of structural equipment, communication, services, and staff competence.

Hence, the choice to implement the tourist offer to become a truly accessible destination guaranteeing the right to vacation to all guests and their companions.

Welcoming and accessible’ is a goal that is certainly achievable with the hope that knowledge is the protagonist in development projects for
tourist destinations and more.

We’ve combined the power of nature with our passion for hospitality and created services to cater to the needs of all of our guests!

  • You’ll find kiosks on the beach that are equipped to serve disabled people.
  • You can ask for the umbrellas nearest the boardwalks and there are also special pitches that can be set up quickly at the busiest times.
  • Beach wheelchairs for taking disabled people down to the water are available for free from ticket offices 8 (Via Ariete), 4 (Via Taigete), 3 (Piazzale Zenith West) and 10 (Piazzale Adriatico).
  • There are beach establishments all along the 4 km of accessible sand from Lido dei Pini to Bibione Lido del Sole, with convenient boardwalks providing wheelchair access to the sea and accessible service areas.
  • All four establishments run by Bibione Mare SpA (Pinedo, Shany, Kokeshy and Seven) are completely free of architectural barriers and equipped with bathrooms with showers and beach wheelchairs.

These are the key features of Bibione, which is accessible by nature and by design. We can’t wait to welcome you!

Promoting accessibility in partnership with Village For All

Bibione has created the conditions for accessible hospitality with the support of Village For All, which specializes in accessible tourism. Every year, it helps the resort to become more and more accessible, with initiatives ranging from staff training to monitoring accommodation facilities.

Bibione è la prima destinazione turistica italiana ad aver intrapreso un percorso che coinvolge tutta la filiera turistica locale e che offre attività
sportive e ricreazionali accessibili anche alle persone con disabilità.

Ospitalità Accessibile

Le strutture ricettive che hanno aderito al progetto “Destinazione Bibione Ospitalità Accessibile” sono riconoscibili da questo marchio.
In queste strutture viene dedicata particolare attenzione all’accessibilità e a tutti coloro che hanno bisogni specifici (disabilità, senior, famiglie con bambini piccoli, intolleranze alimentari, ecc…) e sono organizzate per rispondere ai bisogni di ciascuno.