Entertainment on the beach

Taking care of children is a top priority in Bibione and they find new ways to do it every year

Fun, creativity and education are the key words behind the numerous games and recreational activities that are organized in the resort. Entertainment services, kids clubs and courses on the beach offer kids from 3 to 10 years of age endless opportunities to take part in games, creative workshops and educational initiatives in a safe environment where they can make friends with other youngsters.

They can also take part in sports such as swimming, beach volleyball, tennis and sailing. Certified teachers are available for a wide range of sports and for some activities there are special camps that are open all summer long.

Away from the beach, the town is famous for its greenery and cycle paths, which offer a wonderful way to explore the natural environment at a leisurely pace.

Then there are the fun-filled and spectacular events and locations that kids have always loved, such as theme parks, cartoons at the cinema, stage shows and fireworks displays.