Flora and Fauna

There are a number of natural environments with high biodiversity in Bibione, including:

  • Vallesina and Valgrande: the landscape in these fishing grounds is protected under regional schemes. They originally formed one large pool near the Tagliamento, but in 1883 an embankment was built that divided them in two. Valgrande has always been privately owned. A few years ago, it started welcoming visitors with a slow tourism approach that fully safeguards the environment and its natural balance.
  • The mouth of the Tagliamento this is a place that connects the Carnic Alps with the Adriatic Sea, thanks to the Tagliamento River. Its source is near the Mauria Pass and it flows for 170 km, dividing Veneto and Friuli. In the area around the mouth, there are spellbinding natural beaches with fossil dunes. Lying around are logs that are carried down from the mountains by the river. A range of species of animals can be spotted, such as Hermann’s tortoises and Kentish plovers.

The areas of greenery have three shared qualities that make them unique natural resources:

  • Alpine and Mediterranean plants growing alongside each other.
  • A number of different types of orchids.
  • Species that are rare or can only be found in the areas in question.