Five things you might not know about the lighthouse


You can get married at Bibione lighthouse because there is a registry office there.


The lighthouse is used as a venue for a variety of initiatives, including music, art and science events.


Different habitats are combined in the natural environment around Bibione lighthouse due to the nearby presence of the mouth of the Tagliamento River. Woodland, a pine forest, dunes, hollows behind the dunes, wetlands, the river, reed thickets and the beach all come together in the rich natural mosaic. The many plants that grow there include Austrian pine and holm oak trees, shrubs and grasses in the undergrowth, Stipa veneta, various species of orchids, bellflowers, heather, snowdrops and much more besides.


When the lighthouse started operating in the 1920s, there was a public competition to establish who should run it. The winners were the Paro family from Cesarolo, the Gusso family from Caorle and the Zulian family from Trieste. They moved into the ground floor of the building next to the lighthouse.


There was always a friendly, cooperative relationship between sailors and the families who lived at the lighthouse. In the 1950s, a young sailor from Apulia fell in love with the daughter of one of the lighthouse keepers. They kept it all secret initially, but they eventually got married after he was discharged.