Seven things you might not know about Bibione Beach


In Bibione, the beach is smoke-free! The resort is striving to protect the sea, the sand and tourists from the harmful effects of smoking. The Smoke-Free Beach scheme also marks another step in the area’s drive for sustainability and helps to enhance the holiday experience for all of the visitors who come to Bibione with their children every year. Would you like to find out more?


Thanks to the opportunities and services provided by Pluto’s Beach, in Bibione you can relax on the sand with your dog.


One of the great benefits offered by the natural shape of the land in Bibione is the soft, fine sand on the beach that slopes gently down into the safe, shallow water in the sea.


We have a “Kid-Approved” beach. Children are our top priority here in Bibione! Find out all about the services and initiatives for families and kids.La nostra spiaggia è ‘Kids Approved.


We constantly strive to make Bibione more and more accessible and offer everyone a first-rate welcome! Find out about all of the dedicated services.


The exceptional medical care on Bibione’s beaches is another one of their crowning glories. A widespread first aid system makes the shore a safe place to be, with cutting-edge equipment, courteous and proficient staff (including a dermatologist on the beach), dedicated facilities and vehicles that can provide prompt assistance in the event of an emergency. See here for more information about our health and safety services.


Bibione is renowned for its outstanding Customer Service.