What if the Lighthouse shares its view?

It’s a real privilege to watch life from on high. The views stretch as far as the mountains and on clear days I can even see the famous Dolomites, not to mention the Karst Plateau and the coast of Istria. The visibility is particularly good just after storms. They help to clear the air and make Bibione seem a bit bigger, like an island nestled between the Alps and the East.

I’d like to thank the people who brought every single one of my bricks here, because it’s a great place to live. There are vast pine woods all around my home at the mouth of a rural, unsullied river and the sea views are spellbinding. The waves roll in continuously like an endless symphony, giving the horizon a hypnotic effect.

Countless people come to see me. If I were you, I’d come early in the morning and preferably in the spring or late summer, when it’s quiet and you can enjoy the sea breeze. You might see a family of roe deer dart past or boats sailing away slowly in the distance.

Waves lap against the picturesque rocks and sand on the slender strip of beach in front of me, which is like my own little garden. You won’t find the usual rows of umbrellas and tourist facilities around here. Everything is bare and unadorned, just like me. This is a place where solitary figures can watch the sun rise behind the mountains, which seem so near yet so far away. It’s a natural stage not only for the artists who perform at my feet but also for those looking for something different on their holiday.

I can make romantic souls feel at home while also serving as a theatre for actors and musicians. Creativity knows no bounds when you’re taking your cue from the sea.

Standing tall on the horizon, I make a great destination for walkers, runners and cyclists. If you want to take a break from the beach and explore the rest of Bibione, I make a great starting point for trips along the river and in the green countryside all around.

The name of the river is the Tagliamento and it flows down from the age-old mountains in Carnia, near the border with Austria. It marks the boundary with the neighbouring region but thanks to a convenient ferry it is also a gateway to another land.

They’ve made me the symbol of Bibione. What can I say? I’ve been here for a long time. I used to light up the dark nights and show fishermen the way home. I was damaged during the First World War but I rose again. I’ve now taken on a new role and I offer everyone who comes to see me a warm welcome.

I wait here silently throughout the year and form the backdrop to all sorts of events, including romantic proposals with a special symphony played in the background by the waves in the sea.