The Lama del Revellino

Taking it slowly is what beach holidays are all about. There’s no need to hurry. Just embrace the gentle pace of the world around you, as the waves lap idly against the shore. Get away from it all and enjoy the sand, sunshine and salty air.

That just about sums up my whole lifestyle. As soon as the spring arrives, I come out of hibernation and instinctively head for the sea, just like you. As I shelter in my home and calmly wait through the cold, dark winter, I think of the seemingly endless sunshine of summer days, when I go out early in the morning or late in the evening.

My favourite spot is between the last rows of umbrellas and the first buildings, where the sea and the sand meet the pine woods. From here, I can see the sea stretching out towards the coastlines of other countries. I listen to the wind among the wild dunes.

This is an ancient area that is part of the lagoon. I heard the seagulls flying above me say that there is nowhere else quite like this in any of the other beach resorts by the Adriatic Sea. They bring back lots of tales and stories from other countries. I love to picture myself exploring them, but in the end I always come back here to Bibione.

You can range far and wide like them, or travel slowly like me. Either way, the secret is to stop and admire the little things, such as the yellow flowers that grow around the edges of this area, which is known as the Lama del Revellino. You can also watch stately swans take flight as they beat their huge wings and swoop just above the reeds, or listen to the chorus of frogs, who only croak so contentedly when the land and water are as clean as they are here.

If you’re watchful enough, you can find plenty to satisfy your curiosity in the space of just a few hundred metres. For example, I go up and down the same roads year after year, before people start running and riding their bikes along the cycle path that leads to the lighthouse.

Nonetheless, I discover something new every day. It might be a new plant, or a bird singing that I’ve never heard before. As well as details like this, I might spot new views, shapes in the clouds drifting over the sea, sunshine pouring through them and lighting up the distant mountains, or the light of a full moon in the waves, as the nearby lighthouse guides travellers on short, peaceful summer nights.

Whatever lies in store, you know that you’ll wake up here in the morning once again and you can come down to watch the sunrise where the land meets the sea. Maybe you’ll be joined by a snail going for a morning walk.