Special encounters at the lighthouse at sunrise

I like it down by the sea in the morning, when the soft light of the sun is still almost indistinguishable from the darkness of the night. Before it comes up, the gloom starts to fade away. Then a multitude of colours gradually begins to emerge from behind the mountains and race across the sea, lighting up the fishing boats and the few passers-by. It’s the perfect time to run in the pine woods and follow the paths around the lighthouse, among old pine trees and the plants that are stubborn enough to put up with the salt and the wind.

I come here at the break of day because I love how peaceful it is in this land between the river and the sea, the countryside and the beach, the town and the untamed natural landscape.

I like it here all year round. Although it’s cold, even the winter is wonderful because I can move around without anyone to bother me all day long. I’m always delighted to see that spring is on its way. The fields and pine woods come back to life and everything is filled with fragrances, colourful flowers and budding plants. The sun starts rising earlier and setting later every day.

In the summer I keep to myself and only run around at dawn. I stay away from the cyclists who go past and wonder if they’re on their way to cross the river and visit the nearby town of Lignano. The weather is still warm in September and October, when tourists come in search of a more peaceful time by the seaside. Then for the next few months I have this unique, exceptional natural habitat on the coast all to myself again.

I used to prefer life up in the mountains, where the huge meadows are full of medicinal herbs. I would bask in the sun among the long grass, ready to dash away into the woods and lie hidden away under the branches of a beech or fir tree.

Then my friends and I travelled down here along the banks of the wild, free Tagliamento River, past fields and woods where time seems to stand still. More and more people are now following the long path that we took on their bikes.

Attracted by the salty smell and the sound of waves in the air, we reached the mouth of the river, where the sea and the land meet. We decided to stop here, where there aren’t many cars, we can stay cool in the shade of the pine woods and there is plenty of the salty seaweed that we love to eat.

It’s hard to spot roe deer like me because we tend to shy away from humans, especially when they talk loudly and make lots of noise. But why would anyone speak a lot here when they can simply walk along slowly, listen to the wind blowing between the pines and the dunes, and hear the otherworldly sound of the waves? While you’re walking along respectfully, you might see me pop up quickly with an inquisitive air about me before I disappear again. Our fleeting encounter will be another special memory to take away from a holiday like no other.