Local wines to savor

Sunny beaches, happy children running and playing, a lighthouse looking down from above, great cycling routes, pine woods and lagoons… What is missing from this spellbinding scene?

I’m not much of a sports enthusiast and I like to take it easy. There’s nothing I relish more than the cool shade of a pergola on a warm day. One of the names that they give me around here is actually “ombra”, which also means “shade”.

There’s an interesting story behind it. Stop me if you’ve heard before. Not far from here is a stunning city that’s criss-crossed with canals and dotted with waterfront buildings. It’s called Venice and the people there used to take a well-earned break by treating themselves to a delicious glass of wine in the shade of the many bell towers reaching up towards the clouds. Hence the name “ombra”.

There are lots of other stories that I could tell, but you’ll enjoy them more if you discover them by yourself. Why not do so by exploring the lagoon and its islands, which are like an endless treasure trove of mysteries and legends?

Anyway, let’s go back to the delights of the pergola. The bright summer sunshine filters through the leaves of the vines, which you won’t be surprised to hear are my favourite plants. Standing steadily on the table in a glass, I work my magic by scattering ruby red hues around me and setting free entrancing aromas. I like to get conversations flowing and help people unwind so that they can appreciate their holidays even more.

Bibione is a famous beach resort, but there is also a lot more to the town than that. For example, the fertile land around it has been home to vineyards for centuries. The grapes are harvested at the end of the summer and made into magnificent wine with so many stories to tell that your eyes would be glued here forever.

Instead, leave your inquisitive eyes and the rest of your body free to wander. You might like to go for a leisurely bike ride with the salty sea breeze at your back as you ride through the picturesque countryside.

Alternatively, if you like an easy life like me you can drive or take the bus to the Lison-Pramaggiore area. That’s where many of the grapes used to make me are grown naturally, in organic vineyards.

Find a pergola like this, sit down, look out over the rows of vines and revel in their enchanting fragrance in the summer months, before the harvest. Let someone fill your glass and then sip it slowly, preferably while you nibble on some delicious local cheese or cured meat.

Head back to Bibione as the sun starts to set. You’ll find that the experience has given your holiday a different, light-hearted flavour. Good food and a great glass of wine – like me – can really add a memorable touch to a holiday full of countless tales of the land and the sea.