Little things like that help to make him smile

Life is sweet in the summer. I bask in the sunshine and enjoy the breeze that blows every day, keeping the heat at bay.

I spend a lot of time lazily gazing at the light reflecting on the waves and listening to the cheerful beachgoers. I occasionally dive into the water with my friends and try to spot little fish jumping about here and there. Sometimes I seek out some fruit or a snack: there’s always plenty on offer.

I like to look at the beach. It seems to stretch out as far as the mountains, or to some other beach, which in turn will carry on until it reaches another beach, and so on, in an endless chain. I watch people playing, others reading and those who don’t do anything in particular and just relax like me. Everyone likes to take it easy and idle the hours away in summer.

There’s a little boy that I watch more than the others. He has wonderful parents who take him down to the beach early every morning, when the sea is calm and sparkling with golden light. They take him home every evening, after the sunset has filled the waves with silver tones.

Luckily there are boardwalks to help them on their way because the little boy can’t walk.

Little things like that help to make him smile. He has fun in all sorts of ways, such as by throwing crumbs on the floor so that he can get a close look at the sparrows as they fearlessly hop from one umbrella to the next.

In the long afternoons, I watch him laugh when they take him to use the new playground equipment that’s designed especially for children like him, so that they can race around, swing and spin freely.

However, the best part of the day is when he goes down to the water on a special beach wheelchair. A kind bathing attendant takes him down there every morning, when it’s all calm. It seems like the sea is sleeping and it’s just waiting for the first kids to come along so it can wake up and play with them. He always has a great time and he really loves it on the days when the waves are a bit bigger than normal.

I watch him playing in the water from an old wooden post, as people on pedaloes casually cruise past or surfers make their way out to sea. I like watching his smile light up his face as he reaches his hands into the water and splashes all around him.

It’s nice to see that there’s something for everyone at the seaside: those who like swimming, those who love walking, and those who need a hand to make the most of the joys of summer. The same applies to me, as I fly from one place to another, diving among the waves in search of a snack or following a distant boat with the other seagulls that meet up here on the coast every year.