I come from the sea…

I come from the sea. Sometimes I’m as gentle as a warm breath that caresses the skin in the sunshine. However, I can also be wild and powerful, making people flee from the beach as I whip up the sand and the waves.

Most of the time though, I’m mild and relaxing. After all, that’s how you’d expect things to be here at the seaside, especially in the summer when it’s all calm and there’s a holiday atmosphere and a sense of freedom in the air.

If they were drawing up a list of the stars of the seaside, I’d definitely be near the top. That might sound rather boastful, but if you think about it, your holidays would be very different without me.

On sultry summer days when people further inland swelter and struggle to sleep, I not only keep it cooler here but also bring the health benefits of the sea air, which is invaluable for both you and your children.

Don’t just sit there reading articles about my benefits on your phone: come down to the beach in Bibione and take a gentle stroll. Early in the morning and at sunset are both good times. You might be feeling tired and stressed when you get here, but you can rest assured that you’ll soon start to unwind and feel more carefree once you’ve been walking for a while.

Is it the sound of the waves, like a lullaby for the heart and soul? Is it the endless horizon, with all the daydreams that it brings? They certainly play their part and work alongside me to make people feel great. Nonetheless, the biggest role of all is played by me: the breeze that blows across the waves and into your lungs, sweeping away all of the dirty air from the cities, offices and homes where you spend too much time.

As well as letting you breathe more freely, it will clear your mind and help you forget about all your worries so that you can enjoy the wonders all around you.

They say that health is the most important thing in life. I can do my bit on that front and it won’t cost you a penny. All you need to do is spend time on the beach, go for the occasional stroll, breathe deeply and savour the smell of the tamarisks, the jasmine or the lime trees in early June, and the aroma of maritime pine resin in the height of summer.

If you like, you can breathe me in during sport on the beach, bike rides to the lighthouse, or morning yoga and Pilates sessions. You can also take me with you when you go for an outdoor dip in the spa water that gushes up from deep down in the earth.

You’ll even take me with you when you go home, in the shape of a more laid-back smile, a light heart and a relaxed spirit. It’ll keep you coming back every year to breathe in the sea breeze freely.