Every moment is right for sports

I’ve picked a great spot, not too close to the sea and not too far from the long cycle path that seems to stretch endlessly from the lighthouse to the harbour. I can watch the beach all day long from here. I’m very patient and I love the hustle and bustle of the warmer months of the year.

Early in the morning, when the sun slowly rises over the sea and brings colour back into the world, I see the first runners and cyclists appear. Women and men of all ages come to enjoy the barrier-free, car-free seafront.

A little later, young people start to turn up and play beach volleyball with their friends. It’s thirsty work in the sunshine, but at their age they can keep going for hours!

Later still, the air is filled with the sound of music and I hear the voice of a Zumba instructor who leads workouts for dozens of people of all ages.

Meanwhile, cyclists whizz past all around me. How I envy them! The terrain is all flat here, so cycling is easy and largely effortless. As well as going from one end of Bibione to the other, you can go on little adventures on marked routes through the quiet inland areas. Many of the cyclists who go past me talk about the countryside, small villages, pine woods and lagoons. I daydream as I listen to them talking about what they’ve done and where they’ve been.

I made sure I chose a spot with great views of the sea. Early in the morning, when the air is wonderfully cool, the whole day lies ahead of us, the sea is filled with silvery tones and everything is calm, I see youngsters learning to windsurf and others enjoying the new sport that they call stand-up paddleboarding. They stay out there all day, until the sun goes down.

When dusk falls, I know that it’ll only be a few hours before I hear the first footsteps of some early bird running down to the lighthouse or strolling briskly along with Nordic walking poles tapping against the ground.

That’s what it’s always like in the summer: people run, play, walk and have fun every day. But I see people exercising here throughout the rest of the year as well. Sport by the shore gives you the chance to listen to the waves, breathe in the healthy sea air and brush past the evergreen leaves of tamarisks like me. It’s a special, unique and invaluable experience at any time of year.