Dog’s life in Bibione

I might not be able to talk, but I understand every word people say. What’s more, some of my senses are sharper than yours and dogs like me even have what you might call a sixth sense.

For example, I pick up on things before they happen. One time, we got back from a walk with the youngest child and Dad told us we were going on holiday to Bibione. I managed to produce a consummate display of canine calm by not giving the slightest reaction to the news, but that was because I had already felt the seaside spirit in the air and celebrated at the park by running around all over the place and wagging my tail so much I felt like I was going to take off!

I love going to Bibione because they really know how to make a dog feel welcome. For instance, there’s a beach especially for four-legged fellows like me, with a wide range of facilities just for us. Humans get their own sun loungers and deck chairs, but sometimes I like to laze about on them, too!

Although there are plenty of water bowls and showers for when you need them, I like to spend as much time as possible running about and splashing in the water. My fondest holiday memories are of jumping between one wave and the next, plunging my head under the water and then leaping back up again. If the kids throw a frisbee, a ball or even just a stick, I just can’t resist the urge to chase it. Good luck getting me out of the water once you’ve started with that game!

Then there are the walks. The parks at home have got nothing on this place! Of course they’re pretty enough with their trees and flower beds, but nothing can compare to a stroll down to the lighthouse first thing in the morning, when there’s hardly anyone around, a light breeze ruffles my coat and the sea is sparkling.

When we get back from our healthy walk, I slip under a deck chair and rest for a while, then I look eagerly into the eyes of the kids and get them to take me to the play area on what I call “our beach”.

I like to spend a long time there and I try to play with everyone. The great thing about us dogs is that we all understand each other. It doesn’t matter whether my canine companions come from Italy, Hungary or Germany, as long as we can have fun together!

Sometimes we spend the whole day on the beach. Nothing beats the naps I have in the early afternoon, when the sun is really blazing and I dig myself out a comfy little spot in the soft, clean sand.

Then I wake up and my mouth waters as I watch the children eating ice cream. They wink and ask their mother if they can get one for me, too. Obviously it’s a special kind of ice cream that’s made just for dogs. I don’t always get to eat it because Mum says I put on weight every time we go to the seaside. To be fair, she isn’t wrong!

Whether I get to enjoy ice cream or not, I always have a whale of a time. I meet up with other dogs from all over Europe, play in the sea until sunset, go for walks, and sleep. What else could a dog desire?