Children are so cute!

I originally came from far away, on other beaches further south along this coast. However, I’ve lived near this quiet, sun-kissed stretch of sand in the Northern Adriatic Sea for years now.

I spend my days watching the clouds, which drift by and only rarely send rain our way. I also like to look out at the horizon and wonder where the occasional boats that sail past are heading. I have all the time in the world and I love watching holidaymakers, especially the youngsters.

It lifts my spirits to hear their uproarious exuberance as they let their hair down by the shore. I love to see them running, getting covered with sand, playing with everything they find and feeling safe, because everything here feels like it’s made especially for them.

This part of the coast is perfect for families and children. There’s the usual joyful summer bustle but it never gets too much in this peaceful, relaxing resort. I see the kids learning to ride their bikes near me and on the wide cycle paths, which lead all of the way through Bibione from the lighthouse to the marina and from the fields further inland down to the sandy shore.

The land and the sea come together at the beach. It’s a wide open space where everyone really unwinds and children thrive in the relaxing atmosphere. It’s different from the gardens around the blocks of flats and the public parks in their home towns and cities. There are no cars here and there is plenty of room between the beach umbrellas. When you want to enjoy even more freedom, you can play and splash about among the waves in the sea, safe in the knowledge that you’ll always be under the watchful eyes of a lifeguard.

I watch the kids playing with each other. They soon make friends, especially when the grown-ups organize treasure hunts or creative workshops and teach them something new. Whether they’re heading out on their surfboards or picking teams for a game of beach volleyball, sport brings them even closer together. It’s hot work in the summer sunshine, but a quick dip soon cools them down and puts a smile back on their faces. It also tires them out and means that they go to bed early, giving their delighted parents the chance to enjoy their own holidays.

Children are so cute! I love to watch them in the rain with their colourful little umbrellas. They don’t mind bad weather at all and they always see the fun, playful side of everything. Maybe it’s because they know that they can probably convince their parents to take them to the fairground, the zoo or one of the theme parks near Bibione. It’s nice to have a gust of wind to shake a few drops of rain off my branches. The sky’s clear again and there’s a lovely rainbow. That’s how it goes here: there’s always a calm after a storm.