Calm and clear waters, Bibione Pineda…

The Adriatic is a small sea and some even say it isn’t much more than a puddle. I disagree. They tell me that’s just because I’ve never seen the ocean or tropical seas. I reply that I’m happy to meander around peacefully in this calm, clear water.

After all, the sea here is so clean and clear that you can see the rippled lines in the sand shaped by the waves and the crabs that suddenly pop up, scuttle along and then hide again a little further away.

I’ve never seen the ocean but I’ve heard all about it. I listen to the stories of people who travel all over the world and to be honest all of that deep, cold water doesn’t appeal to me at all.

Here I like to swim around by the end of the long beach, where there aren’t many people and the water is clear even in the high season. Then I push on towards a canal that leads to a distant, endless world of lagoons and little islands.

Bibione Pineda has been my kingdom for a long time now. I like the sense of modest tranquillity in this secluded world that’s sheltered by maritime pines. There are exceptional facilities in the delightful little harbour that looks out over the untamed natural landscape. The scenery is stunning at sunset, when the lagoon glows against the darker backdrop formed by the mountains.

Sometimes I leap out of the water and get a quick glimpse of the broad, breezy beach. There’s plenty of room for long strolls on the wide strip of wet sand between the sea and the first row of umbrellas. A little further on, I’m pleased to say that I’ve seen people hard at work planting local species of trees and shrubs to preserve the diversity of this unique environment.

The lights of the bars and restaurants that look out directly onto the beach are a spellbinding sight in the evening. Families stroll serenely past them, gazing up at the stars or envisaging the coastline stretching down towards the South.

My little part of the world marks the boundary of Bibione, but there are all sorts of other places to explore in the sea, the lagoon and the land. I sometimes head a little further down the coast towards the old town of Caorle. If you carry on in the same direction, you can experience the unique marvels of Venice. One day I’ll go there myself. Maybe I’ll follow one of the tourist boats that travel with the current from here.

My friends say that I’m lazy because I never venture far from here, but they don’t know how many hidden wonders can be found on the sea and the beach. Take a look for yourself and savour the sight of the sun, the moon and even the clouds, not to mention the feel of the gentle breezes that create ripples in the sea and the occasional bracing winds that whip up the waves. If you take a dip in the clear water, you might see me and my fellow fish swimming around freely.