Bibione’s cycling routes are certified for Google Maps

In December 2021, the Google Maps “Cycling” option finally appeared on devices in Italy. Dedicated members of the tourism industry in the beach resort have put together no fewer than 24 routes spanning 115 km in total.

Bibione is one of Italy’s top beach resorts when it comes to both visitor numbers and the development of bicycle-based tourism. Now there is yet another reason for cycling enthusiasts to visit: the cycle paths in the Veneto seaside town have become the first Italian routes to be entirely plotted and certified for “Cycling” directions on Google Maps, which is the most widely used navigation system in the world. The option has been available in other countries for some time and in December 2020 it was finally introduced on devices in Italy.

As soon as the little icon with two wheels was activated, members of the tourism industry in Bibione set about ensuring that visitors could make the most of one of the crowning glories of the local area: the cycle paths in the town and the connections with inland areas and other resorts.

Racing against time so that they would be ready for the 2021 tourist season, they spent more than two months working hard alongside experts in the field (MAP360 from Padua) and managed to plot no fewer than 24 routes covering 115 km in total. The goal is to offer cyclists the same route planning and navigation experience enjoyed by drivers.

The new system is an invaluable resource for keen cyclists and tourists in general, who previously had to rely on word of mouth and more traditional methods. It will also help to improve road safety, thanks to the four categories included on the routes: genuine cycle paths, trails, dirt tracks, and quiet roads that are suitable for cyclists.

Bibione has built up an exceptional selection of routes for cycling lovers and now they have all been certified and added to Google Maps, so visitors can ride safely throughout our local area, travel to neighbouring towns and enjoy all of the benefits of holidays in the great outdoors,”

states Bibione Online president Giovanni Mazzarotto, who is promoting the initiative alongside members of the tourism industry in the Veneto beach resort.

The work done on this front in Bibione will also include cycling routes to the Brussa area – which is home to marvellous conservation areas – and the town of Portogruaro. On the way, it is possible to travel through other popular tourist destinations such as Caorle and Concordia Sagittaria.