Off the coast near Bibione and Caorle, there are numerous reefs of various shapes and sizes where fish and microorganisms thrive.

They are known as “tegnùe”, which means “holds/snags” in the local dialect. These natural features have been studied recently and they are considered “islands” of biodiversity. For some years now, efforts have been underway to make Bibione’s most significant “tegnùa” into a marine protected area and thus help to increase the population of fish, crustaceans, jellyfish, sponges and all of the other species in this part of the sea.

Public and private players and a number of sports associations are involved in the marine protected area initiative, which is funded by the Veneto regional authorities. The aim is for it to cover approximately 50 hectares, with depths ranging from 12 to 18 metres.

It will protect a delicate marine ecosystem while giving visitors a fresh perspective on the world below the waves.