Mouth of the Tagliamento Nature Reserve

Would you like to find out more about the natural environment in Bibione ahead of a holiday in the resort? Are you interested in the developments in recent years around the Mouth of the Tagliamento? It’s the longest river in Friuli Venezia Giulia and it flows all of the way down from the Carnic Alps, eventually reaching the sea in the middle of your holiday destination!

In 2015, a number of local people began to realize that they had a real treasure on their hands. Having grasped just how precious it was, they wanted to take action and ensure that it was never neglected, so the Mouth of the Tagliamento Nature Reserve Committee was formed! Fieldwork was carried out and it was established that the natural characteristics of the river mouth were of great interest on both banks. This gave rise to a proposal to create a nature reserve in the area in order to preserve the flora and fauna.

The plan was presented to the local councils and the committee was formed, bringing together all of the environmental associations in Bibione and Lignano, as well as all local people who back the plan to create a reserve. The committee has endeavoured to raise awareness about the distinctive qualities of the site with public meetings, pages on social media, activities and events such as photography exhibitions, nature workshops, ecology days and guided nature tours. All of these initiatives have promoted greater understanding and attracted both locals and tourists, who have displayed growing enthusiasm and interest in the plan.

Why should a nature reserve be created in the area?

In the Mouth of the Tagliamento, there are approximately 30 different habitats, some of which are protected under EU schemes:

  • The magnificently preserved sand dunes.
  • Countless species of plants that are protected by regional, national and EU schemes, including approximately 25 wild orchids and numerous rare flowers. The most significant example from a naturalistic point of view is the endemic, extremely rare Stipa veneta Moraldo, which is widely known as “Lino delle Fate” (“Fairy Flax”).
  • There are also countless rare and protected animal species, including Hermann’s tortoises, European pond turtles, various reptiles and amphibians, and a vast number of sedentary and migratory birds.

What would be the benefits of creating a nature reserve in the area?

  • The nature reserve would protect the rare, valuable flora and fauna whose presence in the area has been documented.
  • Rules would be established for the use of the natural environment. The current approach is inappropriate and in the long term it may lead to the loss of a number of plant and animal species.
  • The introduction of signs, guides and other measures would ensure that the site is visited in an orderly and appropriate manner.
  • The creation of the nature reserve would also help to boost tourism in Bibione and Lignano – especially in the off season – by attracting a new kind of visitor.

Now that you know all about it, you can start planning a day exploring the natural wonders at the Mouth of the Tagliamento!

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