The Mediterranean Garden

Bibione has set aside a large part of its territory for a project that aims to preserve biodiversity, which in this part of the world means plant and animal species from the border between Italy and Slovenia.

The initiative enriches both the community and the experiences of visitors. Bibione’s Mediterranean Garden is at the western end of the peninsula, next to Porto Baseleghe and the mouth of the Lovi Canal.

The project was launched during a cross-border Italian and Slovenian cooperation scheme (2007-2013) and it is overseen by San Michele al Tagliamento Town Council and the Eastern Veneto Local Action Group (GAL). Numerous requests were made to redevelop and enhance the area by introducing plant species typically found in – and behind – sand dune habitats.

The aim is to protect the natural features generally found in this coastal setting, where they can be compromised by pressure from human beings. There are printed and digital tables and information in a range of languages to make the site even more accessible and interesting for visitors.