The Lagoon

Bibione’s rich, unique natural environment makes it stand out from other beach resorts. Everything is enhanced by the area’s natural wonders: the quality of the air that tourists breathe, the picturesque surroundings and the range of experiences on offer.

What form does this priceless resource take? A variety of complementary features that together make up the lagoon landscape.

Dotted with little islands and criss-crossed with canals that get narrower and then open up into sizeable expanses of water, the lagoon spans … km around Bibione. Among the reed thickets, jetties and sand dunes, there are outstanding views of the native lagoon wildlife.  

While you’re following the paths alongside the canals or taking a boat trip in the lagoon, you might spot the distinctive old fishermen’s huts made of reeds and wood, which are known as “casoni”. They offer a glimpse into the lives of people who fished and built embankments and small harbours here, respectfully living in harmony with the world around them. This same approach can be seen in the fishing grounds, where fish are still farmed today. It’s all part of the fascinating microcosm that we call the lagoon.

The wetlands are also home to large expanses of water. They are separated from the rest of the lagoon landscape by fencing, which helps to preserve their internal balance.

It’s interesting to note that there are three types of water surrounding the pine and holm oak woods: the water that comes down from the Alps in the Tagliamento River, the water in the sea and the water in the lagoon.