Traditional fishing huts

Take a trip around the canals and islands in the lagoon and discover its rich array of flora and fauna. As well as the natural wonders, the huts known as “casoni” are bound to catch your eye! They offer a glimpse of how things used to be during the fishing season.

For several months every year, fishermen used to live in the “casoni”, which are made of wood and reeds. Inside, they would sit and sleep on boards or planks and use bricks or stones to make fireplaces on the sandy floors for cooking and heating purposes.

The fishermen would keep their equipment outside and leave their boats in a small harbour in the area that was most sheltered from the wind.

Nowadays they are used by their owners as holiday homes in the summer, so the interiors have been renovated to cater to modern needs. However, they still look the same on the outside and add quaint appeal to the picturesque lagoon landscape.