Healthcare services

Health and safety are top priorities in Bibione! Therefore, we’ve created a widespread first aid system that makes the shore a safe place to be.

There are cutting-edge equipment, courteous and proficient staff, and dedicated facilities and vehicles that can provide prompt assistance on the beach and in the sea in the event of an emergency.

Bibione Spiaggia Srl caters to your health and safety needs on the beach with a range of free healthcare services:

  • Six first aid stations
  • Six defibrillators
  • Specialist nursing staff and equipment on the beach every day from May to September
  • 29 lifeguard stations whose staff have full Basic Life Support (BLS) and Basic Life Support and Defibrillation (BLSD) training
  • A dermatologist is available one day a week in July and August to provide support for tourists.

First-rate medical assistance is provided in Bibione, in accordance with the values of the Veneto Regional Social and Health Care System: universality, equity, humanity and integration between social and health care.

The ULSS 4 local health authority has worked in partnership with the local councils and tourism industry and set up a network of services to protect the health and safety of visitors to the Veneto resort. Numerous medical services are provided especially for tourists.

As well as benefiting from the health and safety initiatives on the beach, you can get basic medical care in the surgeries for tourists. You can ask for check-ups in the surgeries, home visits, prescriptions, specialist assessments and medical certificates. At night, there is an out-of-hours doctor.

The following services are provided to enable people with specific needs to plan their stays without interrupting their treatment:

  • Haemodialysis. See here for full details of how to access the service:
  • If you require nursing assistance in a surgery or at home, contact the District Nursing Service Coordinator. The number for Caorle and Bibione is +39 0421 219822
  • Physiotherapy at home can be provided if you have a prescription from a specialist physiatrist from the ULSS 10 local health authority. The service must be requested by contacting the District Nursing Service Coordinator. The number for Caorle and Bibione is +39 0421 219822
  • Tourists who need regular specialist assessments and check-ups can contact the Central Booking Service (CUP) by calling +39 0421 227100 or sending a fax to +39 0421 227100. For information about booking appointments, see the CUP section at

If you have other requirements, you can contact the following services:

  • Family Planning Clinic
  • Drug Addiction Support Service

A 24-hour interpreting service is available to aid communication between tourists and healthcare staff.

All tourists from Italy and other countries can use the tourist healthcare services. The tourist healthcare surgeries can be used by citizens of Italy, the European Union and other countries, as long as they have the necessary medical documents to prove that they have the right to assistance, such as an Italian National Health Service Card, a European Health Insurance Card, a Provisional Replacement Certificate, or other documents that can be presented under the terms of specific agreements (such as the IB2 form for Brazil).

See here for the latest information about the prices for medical services:

Numbers for urgent and emergency medical care

  • Emergency medical services Tel. 118
  • Accident & Emergency Department – Via Maja – Tel. +39 0431 439803
  • Out-of-hours doctor – Via Maja – Tel. +39 0431 43151