What’s your magic colour?

Surrounded by bright sunshine and rich blue hues… in the central areas of Bibione, the warm, grainy colours of sand are intertwined with the blue shades of the sea.

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Bibione Spiaggia

Bibione Spiaggia is at the heart of the resort and it is home to the majority of the services, shops and other businesses. As the most lively and vibrant part of the town, it plays host to events that will make your summer unforgettable.

There are vast expanses of sand on the coast, where visitors will find numerous service areas with beach huts, showers, nurseries, Wi-Fi, beach shuttles and plenty of places where they can enjoy some ice cream or a light lunch.

Lido del Sole

A beach where a large number of sporting and entertainment activities are organized. It is also the venue for some of the town’s top sporting events.

Lido del Sole is also a popular spot among visitors who want to spend a day unwinding at the spa. You can take your pick from a wide range of cosmetic and spa treatments in the seafront spa centre in this part of Bibione.

From above they might just seem like patches of green, but take a closer look! They’re actually areas of Bibione that are particularly popular with people who want to add an original ingredient to their beach holidays: nature!

Lido dei Pini

Lido dei Pini has ideal accommodation for all nature lovers and outdoor sports enthusiasts. As well as enjoying the greenery, in the summer you can also marvel in the warm hues of wheat and poppies when you go for a stroll.

In the evenings, there’s always something to keep you entertained on the promenade that runs through the Lido area, including shows, concerts and art events.

Bibione Pineda

Bibione Pineda has everything you need to help you to unwind on holiday. As well as hundreds of maritime pines, in the woods you can spot rhododendrons, heather, tamarisks and numerous species of orchids

In Bibione Pineda, green is the first colour that you see when you wake up: the hotels, apartments and campsites are surrounded by it!

What can you do once you’re up? Fancy a unique experience in the heart of nature?


This area was once marshland but now it’s filled with fishing pools and attractive greenery! In addition, it’s been named a Special Protection Area and a Site of Community Importance. Explore it slowly and respectfully on horseback, foot or bicycle, admiring the 360 hectares of reed thickets, expanses of water and woods.

The lighthouse

Built in the early 20th century, it’s located by the mouth of the Tagliamento River. The white tower can be seen from out on the waves, standing tall by the pine trees in the nearby woods. Although it is no longer an operating lighthouse, it is still full of life thanks to the events that it hosts, the couples who choose it as a wedding venue and the running and cycling enthusiasts who make it part of their routes.

What colour do you want to give to your holiday? It’s the perfect time to decide!