Sport on the beach

Holidays in Bibione open up fantastic opportunities to work on your health and fitness between the sea and the sand dunes, surrounded by the breathtaking natural landscape.


On holiday, you can either keep up your exercise regime or finally get active if you never normally have the time. We recommend starting with jogging: on a long but leisurely run on the seafront in the morning, you can breathe in clean air and relish the magical sight of the sun rising silently as its rays spread across the beach. Once you’ve got some training under your belt, you’ll be keen to add a sunset jog to your routine as well! The benefits include a healthy, toned body and a carefree mind!

Nordic walking

Take your foot off the accelerator and give Nordic walking a try! It burns almost as many calories as jogging but you’re much less likely to strain your muscles or damage your joints, so it’s suitable for people of all ages. Nordic walkers use special poles and move up to 90% of their muscles. It’s an increasingly popular activity that helps to tone the body and promotes general well-being. There’s a spellbinding route that leads to the mouth of the Tagliamento: although it’s a coastal environment, a number of species of trees more typically associated with mountainous areas are carried down from the Alps by the river and thrive there.

The demand for Nordic walking keeps growing in Bibione and you’ll find everything you need in the resort. There are numerous marked routes and a range of hotels with equipment and facilities for Nordic walkers. The level of difficulty varies from one route to the next. For example, you can visit the lighthouse on a circular trail with a choice of two lengths: 11 km or 18 km. Both wind their way past the beach, the pine woods and the countryside, taking you through a landscape full of colours and fragrances that change with the passing seasons.

The benefits of a Walking Hotel

If you’re a keen Nordic walker, stay in one of Bibione’s Walking Hotels. As well as pole hire, they offer secure equipment storage rooms, special deals with sport shops, energy menus, packed lunches for longer walks and a laundry service. In addition, a number of discounts and promotions are available with the Walking Card.

Beach Volleyball in Bibione

There’s plenty of space for team sports in Bibione! Have fun and play with your friends on the resort’s numerous beach volleyball courts. Located between the back row of umbrellas and the seafront cycle path, the courts also play host to lessons for people of all standards with certified, professional coaches. Bibione is an internationally renowned destination for lovers of the sport thanks to the Mizuno Beach Volley Marathon, which attracts players and fans from all over the world!

Beach tennis for amateurs and professionals

You will also find beach tennis courts on the sand. If you’ve never tried your hand at the sport before, a holiday in Bibione is the ideal time to give it a go. The resort hosts tournaments for amateurs and professionals (with the approval of Federtennis, the Italian Tennis Federation), as well as summer camps for children.

A holiday can be an opportunity to get in shape, tone your muscles and maybe lose a few pounds. With its unblemished natural landscape, guides, specially created itineraries and both competitive and amateur events, Bibione is a superb place for running and walking. The sports equipment on sale in the town centre will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding athletes.