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It is the bike path parallel to the beach, safe for children, and accessible to everybody, which crosses the entire Bibione coast from east to west.

To divide the cycle path from the pedestrian one there are flowers and shrubs, so from spring to summer, different blooms color the flowerbeds,
and their scent is mixed with the air rich in sea salt.

The sections of pedestrian crossing to access the beach are numerous and well-marked, and there are accesses with slides, some with a high slope.

At the same time, there is a pedestrian pathway where manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs and electric scooters can pass.
Il nuovo passo barca, che collega Bibione-Porto Baseleghe a Vallevecchia, sarà attivo tutte le domeniche fino al 30 aprile con una barca da 7 posti più biciclette (servizio accessibile ai passeggini e ai cani).

Il servizio sarà attivo dalle ore 10.00 alle ore 16.00, gratuito previa prenotazione al numero 347 9922959.

In caso di maltempo o tempo incerto il servizio potrà essere sospeso; per le informazioni a riguardo contattare il numero 347 9922959.

Il servizio verrà esteso anche al periodo estivo, a breve nuovi aggiornamenti.
The internal cycle path is ideal for discovering the pulsating life of the city in every moment of the day, the many commercial activities, bars, restaurants, and the greenery of Bosco Baseleghe.

At the same time, there are pedestrian paths where they can pass: manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, and electric scooters.
Are you planning a nice bike ride on the coast between Bibione and Lignano? X River is the service for you! The picturesque Tagliamento River flows between the two towns and now you can go from one side to the other with your bicycle. During the crossing, you’ll find yourself in the heart of the spellbinding natural environment. After just a few minutes, the boat will leave you on the other bank and you can get back on the saddle. The X River boat link is also great for tourists who want to try out the activities on the neighbouring beaches or explore the delights of inland areas.
Key information:
- The service is run by SAF SpA.
- The boat can carry up to 25 people and 25 bicycles.
- The cost for each crossing is €1.00 per person. It is free for children under 1 metre tall. Dogs travel for free.
- X River operates from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm, seven days a week.
- The service is accessible to disabled people (including wheelchair users).
X River tickets can be bought in the following places
Armonia Viaggi, 208 Corso del Sole
Gnan Solidea Tobacconist’s Shop, 148 Corso del Sole
Bibione Lighthouse
Eurobike Taxis and Bike Rentals, 3 Piazza Keplero
Eurobike Taxis and Bike Rentals, 56 Via Auriga
Summer Bike Taxis and Bike Rentals, 29 Via Nazionale
Bike rental service, 131/A Via Maja
Bike rental service, 5 Via Italia
Bike rental service, 68 Via Veneto
Casa del Ciclo, 45 Via Lemene
Andrea Tobacconist’s Shop, 64 Via Maja
ATVO Ticket Office, Bibione Coach Station, 86 Via Maja
Casa del Ciclo, Via Punta Tagliamento – Lignano Riviera
Marina Uno Management Office, 39 Viale Adriatico – Lignano Riviera
Lignano Coach Station Ticket Office, Via Amaranto – Lignano Sabbiadoro
FVG Tourist Information Centre, 42 Via Latisana – Lignano Sabbiadoro
The boarding area on the Bibione side is just a short distance from the lighthouse. On the Lignano side, it is on the Marina Uno wharf.
The waiting times can sometimes be quite long because the service is extremely popular, but the stunning surroundings help to make up for it.