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This building is part of Villa Dalla Pasqua and, together with the Belfiore Mill, forms a sort of closed courtyard to the right of the River Loncon. The Castellina has recently been restored. It has a polygonal shape and features a framework of brick eaves in Medieval style. Arts and recreational events are organised here. 

It is the bike path parallel to the beach, safe for children, and accessible to everybody, which crosses the entire Bibione coast from east to west.

To divide the cycle path from the pedestrian one there are flowers and shrubs, so from spring to summer, different blooms color the flowerbeds,
and their scent is mixed with the air rich in sea salt.

The sections of pedestrian crossing to access the beach are numerous and well-marked, and there are accesses with slides, some with a high slope.

At the same time, there is a pedestrian pathway where manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs and electric scooters can pass.
SUMMER 2020: Service available from 27th June to 13th September

Bibione és Lignano közt szeretnél kerékpározni? Az X River pontosan erre való! A Tagliamento két partját egyesíti, és már kerékpárral is megteheto. Az áthaladás közben még jobban felerosödik a természet vonzása, a környezet még lenyugözobb, amelybe a csónakázó út tökéletesen beleillik és néhány perc alatt átszeli a két part közti vizet, hogy a másik oldalon továbbfolytathasd az utad. Az X River mindenkinek szól, aki szeretné felfedezni a közeli strand rendezvényeit, és aki a szárazföldi gazdagsághoz is szeretne hozzáférni.

Hasznos információk:
- A szolgáltatás kezeloje a TPL FVG
- A csónakon maximum 25 személy és 25 kerékpár utazhat egyszerre.
- Egy út felnotteknek 1 euró, 1 méternél kisebb gyerekeknek ingyenes 
- Az X River a hét minden napján 09:00 és 19:00 óra között folyamatosan közlekedik
- Fogyatékkal élok is igénybe vehetik (kerekesszék)

Az X River jegyek megvásárolhatók Bibione:

Armonia Viaggi Corso del Sole, 208
Dohányárubolt Gnan Solidea Corso del Sole, 148
Bibione világítótorony
Eurobike - kerékpárkölcsönzo és taxi Piazza Keplero, 3
Eurobike - kerékpárkölcsönzo és taxi Via Auriga, 56
Summer Bike - Noleggio Cicli e Moto Via Atlante, 31
Kerékpárkölcsönzo via Maja, 131/A
Kerékpárkölcsönzo via Italia, 5
Kerékpárkölcsönzo via Veneto, 68
Casa del Ciclo via Lemene, 45
Andrea dohánybolt Via Maja, 64
Bibione ATVO buszállomás pénztár Via Maja, 86

Az X River jegyek megvásárolhatók Lignano:

Casa del Ciclo Via Punta Tagliamento - Lignano Riviera
Marina Uno hivatalos kikötoi turistaigazgatóság V.le Adriatico, 39 - Lignano Riviera
Lignano buszállomás pénztár Via Amaranto - Lignano Sabbiadoro
FVG Turizmus iroda Via Latisana, 42 - Lignano Sabbiadoro

Beszállni Bibionéban a világítótoronytól néhány lépésre lehet, a járat Lignanóban a Lignano Marina Uno belso kikötobe érkezik
A kiváló minoségu szolgáltatás eredményeként a várakozási ido nem mindig rövid, de a körülvevo természet szépsége mindenért kárpótol.

Numero verde 800 052 040 from a landline
+39 0432 408871 from a mobile phone

San Michele al Tagliamento was virtually rebuilt after the Second World War. Among the various restorations is the little Church of St. Elizabeth of the Agnolina, inside which are two frescoes that date back to the 16th century, showing the Blessed Virgin of the Graces and the Annunciation with the Trinity.

This is housed in the St. Agnes’ Tower in the historic centre of Portogruaro. The Town Museum, opened in 1999, reconstructs the story of the town from the 12th century to the 20th century, highlighting and exploring the various aspects of public, private, civic and religious life in the town through the relics contained there. It contains many stone crests of noble families from Portogruaro, statues, libation dishes, inscriptions and ceramics. There are also fine 19th and 20th century prints, including a portrait of Quintino Sella as a member of the Accademia dei Lincei in 1877. 

The facade of the Church of St. Biagio is in Renaissance style. However, in 1937, it collapsed and was rebuilt in a classical, neo-Palladian style. The current church has three naves and was completed at the end of the last century.
Inside is a marble baptismal font made by Giovanni Antonio Pilacorte in 1486 and an altarpiece of the crucifixion by Gregorio Lazzarini. The latter is a fine painting that effectively renders the dramatic tension of the event.

È una delle zone principali di Bibione, un’ampia piazza in cui si concentrano attività ed eventi musicali. Posizionata in pieno centro pedonale è molto dinamica e movimentata, specialmente nelle sere d’estate. Ospita al suo interno più fontane circondate da edifici e vari negozi.
Inaugurated in 1984, the museum houses a large part of the memorabilia of Ippolito Nievo, one of Italy’s most popular writers and the author of the novel “Confessions of an Italian”.
It contains around one hundred items, including a trunk and clothes belonging to the writer. The collection was initially made possible thanks to materials from the Castle of Colloredo of Montalbano, where it was originally housed. The castle was forced to remove these items due to the major earthquake that hit Friuli in 1976.
In the display cabinets of the “Ippolito Nievo” Museum in Fossalta di Portogruaro – housed in the Town Arts Centre – are all the editions of the aforementioned masterpiece and an original copy of the newspaper “Il Caffè”, signed by Nievo..

The latest discovery dates back to 2013. Two Roman sarcophagi were found outside what were once the ancient town walls. The monument, which is today temporarily housed under the Municipal Loggia, dates back to the late 2nd century A.D. It is made up of a podium in blocks of Calcare di Aurisina, originally with three levels.
The whole construction reached a height of 1.3 metres and had a perimeter base of 6.5 x 1.7 metres. At the top of the podium, as it was originally, the fragments of the two main sarcophagi in decorated preconnesio marble have been placed.
They were approximately 1.7 high and over 2 metres long and were demolished in ancient times.

This interesting museum is located in the Belfiore area, a hamlet of the Municipality of Pramaggiore. It is housed near Villa Dalla Pasqua, one of the most ancient buildings, with the special shape of a defensive-style closed courtyard.
Inside the museum is a grinding room, work tools and various objects used for a range of activities. It reconstructs the economic and agricultural history of the local area.

Az ország elso víziparkjaként lett híres. Az „utazó fellépéseirol” ismert fiatal vállalkozónak, Sergio Vacondiónak köszönheto, aki a 80-as évek amerikai parkjait látva lehetoséget látott a víziparkok létrehozásában.
A saját vonzero elvesztése nélkül generációkról generációkra szállt projekt két nyero összetevoje: a családoknak nyújtott folyamatos figyelem és a legfiatalabbak ízlésének állandó követése.
Ha még nem voltál nálunk, akkor itt az ideje!
Nyitva tartás és árak a oldalon

The Restaurant-Pizzeria MILANO is settled in the centre of Bibione. It is a comfortable place with the right atmosphere, the ideal place to spend happy moments with your families or friends, perfect for relaxing evenings or to celebrate the most important events in your life. The professional Staff is always ready to suggest you at the best.
Here you will find top quality food and a vast selection of good wines. Children playroom at your disposal.
This was built in the mid-12th century then restored from 1252-56. After 1281 it took the name of the St. Francis Gate, after the adjoining church of the same name. It was also restored in the mid-16th century when the podestà Giorgio Gradenigo had what is now via Martiri paved. Its current name, Porta San Gottardo, recalls another church, which was originally outside the gate, on the site of the present Care Home for the Elderly. 

Bibionéban tudjuk, hogy a testednek és lelkednek mire van szüksége, ezért is gondoskodunk mindkettorol. Nem szeretnél lemondani a vasárnapi misérol nyaralás közben sem?
Ezen az oldalon olaszul és németül, lengyelül és szlovákul tartott vallási ünnepségekrol találsz információt.
Az egyházközség:
Az egyházközségi templom:
- Egyházközség: S. Maria Assunta (Via Antares, 18)
Lelkész: Vena don Andrea
Telefon: +39-0431-43178
Fax: +39-0431-43178
Nyári mise: hétköznap: 18:00 órakor – csütörtökön 8:00 órakor / szombaton: 18:00 órakor / vasárnap 09:00 és 11:00 órakor.
A nyáron is nyitva tartott kápolnák:
- Santo Stefano templom (Via delle Colonie 3/A)
- Maria Regina della Pace kápolna („Pasotto” lelkészközpont) (Via Capricorno ovest 18/A, Lido dei Pini)
- San Pietro kápolna (Via Puccini, 30020, Lido del Sole)
- Sant'Antonio kápolna (Via degli Asfodeli, Bibione Pineda)
Ha az idegen nyelven tartott szent misékre vonatkozó információra van szükséged, akkor keresd fel a oldalt
A nyáron is nyitva tartott kápolnák:
- Bibione Pineda, Sant’Antonio (Via Baseleghe, 13)
Hétköznap: nincs szentmise
Szombaton: 19:00 órakor
Vasárnap: 8:00 és 10:30 órakor
- Lido del Sole, S. Pietro (Via Vivaldi)
Hétköznap: 10:30 órakor
- Lido dei Pini, Regina della Pace ( Via Lira)
Hétköznap: nincs szentmise
Szombaton 19:00 órakor
Vasárnap: 9:00 órakor
- Bibione, „Santo Stefano” via delle Colonie
Szeptemberig tartanak Szentmisét idegen nyelven.
Szentmise szeptember után
A nyáron is nyitva tartott kápolnákban tartott szentmisék megszunnek (Lido del Sole, Bibione Pineda, Lido dei Pini)
Az egyházközségben:
Hétköznap: 8:00 órakor szeptemberig és 18:00 órakor
Szombaton: 18:00 órakor
Vasárnap: 9:00, 11:00, 18:00 órakor (szeptemberig)
This was built around the mid-12th century and was once called Porta del Bando and then Porta S. Lazzaro (St. Lazarus’ Gate) after the lepers’ 
hospice of the same name, which was built in 1203 on what is now via Zappetti. It was restored in 1555-56 by podestà Girolamo Zorzi, as the inscription above the gate recalls.