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The Mills and the Fishmonger
Via Roma, 30026 Portogruaro, Italia ( 350 m od centrum) - pokaż mapę


The Mills
The typical Mills of St. Andrew (named after the town district in which they are located) are part of Portogruaro’s ancient heritage, which are highlighted by the setting of the historic centre. They were cited in a papal bull of 1186 as “Portum de Gruario cum molendinis”. They were initially used for milling and today have been converted into an art gallery.
They host exhibition openings and prestigious cultural evenings.

The small wood­en chapel, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, dates back to the first half of the '600s, when the devotion for the image of the Madonna del Carmine, which is inside the chapel, started to spread. Here, on August 15th mass is celebrated in the morning and in the evening, there is a feast that is very im­portant for the people of Por­tugruaro with the arrival of boats from nearby Concordia.