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The service will be available every day until October 2 2022 and on weekends from October 8 to November 1 2022.

Boarding areas:
- BIBIONE: Via della Laguna (Bibione Pineda)
- VALLEVECCHIA: Via del Dossetto (near Museo Ambientale della Vallevecchia)
- CAORLE: Strada Passo Falconera (loc. Isola dei Pescatori)

Reservation is mandatory:
SMS WhatsApp: +39 351 6988159

Number of seats:
30 people + 25 bikes

The service is accessible to dogs (on a leash).

Accessibility may be weather-dependent.

CAORLE                09:00  12:50  15:50      BIBIONE               10:30   14:15   17:20
VALLEVECCHIA      09:45  14:40  16:40      VALLEVECCHIA      11:00   14:45   17:50
BIBIONE               10:20  14:00  17:10      CAORLE                11:50   15:35   18:40

Bibione – Caorle, Return € 15,00
Bibione – Caorle, One way € 10,00
Bibione – Vallevecchia, Return € 7,00
Bibione – Vallevecchia, One way € 4,00
Caorle – Vallevecchia, Return € 8,00
Caorle – Vallevecchia, One way € 5,00

Free children
The San Stene Castrum has a thousand-year-old history. The first papal bull citing the Castle of San Stino dates back to 1186. In 1388 it was conquered and set on fire by the Venetians, who nevertheless over the years transformed it into a sumptuous home for noble Venetian families. Originally it probably had towers that no longer exist. The Castle is currently owned by the Tonini family.

The internal cycle path is ideal for discovering the pulsating life of the city in every moment of the day, the many commercial activities, bars, restaurants, and the greenery of Bosco Baseleghe.

At the same time, there are pedestrian paths where they can pass: manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, and electric scooters.

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The latest discovery dates back to 2013. Two Roman sarcophagi were found outside what were once the ancient town walls. The monument, which is today temporarily housed under the Municipal Loggia, dates back to the late 2nd century A.D. It is made up of a podium in blocks of Calcare di Aurisina, originally with three levels.
The whole construction reached a height of 1.3 metres and had a perimeter base of 6.5 x 1.7 metres. At the top of the podium, as it was originally, the fragments of the two main sarcophagi in decorated preconnesio marble have been placed.
They were approximately 1.7 high and over 2 metres long and were demolished in ancient times.

Má povest prvního acquaparku v Itálii. Jeho strujce Sergio Vacondio, mladý podnikatel s kocovným predstavením, který vytušil velký potenciál aquaparku, které videl v osmdesátých letech v Americe.
Velká pozornost na potreby rodin, neustále prizpusobování nejnovejším hitum. To jsou dve vítezné ingredience tohoto projektu, který prešel na další generaci a neztratil svou atraktivitu.
Pokud jste ho ješte nenavštívili využijte této príležitosti behem dovolené!
Otevírací doba a ceny najdete na stránkách



Length about 10 KM

Lasts about 1 H

Difficulty 12345 

Type of ground DIRT ROAD, SAND

Boat Connection -> X-LAGOON Boat Connection Bibione - Vallevecchia - Caorle

“GiraTagliamento” is the name of a bicycle touring route in Eastern Veneto that leads from the Punta Tagliamento Lighthouse on the right bank of the mouth of the Tagliamento River in Bibione (in the municipality of San Michele al Tagliamento) to the Alvisopoli Woods, which lie near the village of the same name in the municipality of Fossalta di Portogruaro. The route winds its way through the territories of three municipalities in the Metropolitan City of Venice (San Michele al Tagliamento, Teglio Veneto and Fossalta di Portogruaro) and it is part of a network of bicycle touring routes in Eastern Veneto and nearby Friuli Venezia Giulia, which also include “boat link” ferry services for cyclists and their bikes that join together Bibione, Lignano and Caorle.

The bicycle touring route is approximately 45 km long and it is largely on dirt tracks. Almost all of it is found on the top of the embankments by the river (from Bibione to Villanova della Cartera, going past Bevazzana, Marinella, Cesarolo, San Filippo, San Michele al Tagliamento, San Giorgio al Tagliamento, Pozzi, San Mauretto, San Mauro and Malafesta) and on little country roads (from Malafesta to Alvisopoli). It takes around three hours to follow the entire route, which goes through a mosaic of different landscapes. A prominent role is played by water and natural features, such as the Adriatic Sea, beaches, fossil dunes, pine woods containing rare flowers and wild shrubs, the flood beds of the river (where local flora and fauna thrive) and the colourful rural environment dotted with orchards and woods. A number of interesting, noteworthy places can be found within a short distance of the route. In the municipality of San Michele al Tagliamento, they include the Punta Tagliamento Lighthouse (Bibione), the remains of Villa Mocenigo-Biaggini-Ivancich (which was destroyed during the Second World War), a Cold War bunker, an Austro-Hungarian military cemetery, a History Wall (featuring displays of wartime items and panels presenting local history) and the Villanova della Cartera paper mill, which dates back to the time of the Republic of Venice. The municipality of Teglio Veneto contains sites of great historical and environmental significance that are known as the Prati delle Pars. The municipality of Fossalta di Portogruaro is home to a Veneto villa called Villa Mocenigo . It is in the village of Alvisopoli , where the route comes to an end. Nearby are woods of considerable natural interest.

Distance: 45 km
Difficulty: easy
Type of surface: 25% asphalt, 75% road-off
Type of route: day excursion
The arch, which was rebuilt in 2014 after years of relative abandonment, is known as the Arco del Fondaco “de’ Todeschi” and represents Portogruaro’s commercial vocation and, in general, the town’s fundamental role at the time of the Venetian Republic. The original building had three naves divided into two courtyards and was located in the San Giovanni area. The Arco del Fondaco is made of large blocks of Istrian stone, surmounted by a trabeation with the lion of St. Mark in the centre. In 2014 it was restored to its ancient splendour and placed in Piazza Marinetti, in one of the historic entrances to the town.

My tady v Bibione víme, co si žádá vaše telo, ale i vaše duše, a proto se postaráme o obojí!  Chcete pokracovat ve svých nedelních setkáních i behem dovolené?
Tohle je stránka je urcena vám, kdo hledáte informace o náboženských obradech v italštine, nemcine polštine nebo slovenštine.
Farní kostel:
- Farnost: S. Maria Assunta (Via Antares, 18)
Farár: Vena don Andrea
Telefon: +39 0431 43178
Fax: +39 0431 43178
Letní kaple:
- Chiesa di Santo Stefano (Via delle Colonie 3/A)
- Cappella Maria Regina della Pace (Centro Pastorale "Pasotto") (Via Capricorno ovest 18/A, Lido dei Pini)
- Cappella San Pietro (Via Puccini, 30020, Lido del Sole)
- Kaple Sant'Antonio Via degli Asfodeli, Bibione Pineda
Bližší informace o porádání mší svatých a o mších v cizím jazyce najdete na webových stránkách:

The facade of the Church of St. Biagio is in Renaissance style. However, in 1937, it collapsed and was rebuilt in a classical, neo-Palladian style. The current church has three naves and was completed at the end of the last century.
Inside is a marble baptismal font made by Giovanni Antonio Pilacorte in 1486 and an altarpiece of the crucifixion by Gregorio Lazzarini. The latter is a fine painting that effectively renders the dramatic tension of the event.

GiraLagune is a nature-historical cycle path along the network of navigable canals called Litoranea Veneta, which starts from the Punta Sabbioni Lighthouse and ends at the Bibione Lighthouse. Along the route, which connects the lagoons in the area, you will cross the agricultural landscape reclaimed in the first half of the 20th century.

The Giralagune path is the red one

DEPARTURE Punta Sabbioni
TYPE OF SURFACE 75% asphalt, 25% unpaved
TYPE OF ROUTE two-day excursion

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The shape of the track, its length (over 1200 meters) and width (from 8.50 to 10.50 meters), the escape routes, the 17,000 square meters paddock, with over 200 pitches with facilities, the parking capacity, the infrastructure and services for the races are widely dimensioned according to the international regulations of the ACI SPORT ASN (in category A) and CIK-FIA ASN. To note that the building, has a length of 100 m, a total volume of about 10,000 cubic meters and a floor area of 1,500 square meters. on the ground floor and as many on the first floor. The building is used as a ticket office, emergency room, shop kart field, warehouse for rental vehicles, workshop, large storage carts for customers, walk to the timekeepers and speaker, services for the public and the drivers, driving school , large meeting room, bar, pizzeria - snack bar.

Our vehicles
At the International Circuit Friuli Venezia Giulia you can find the best resources on the market to guarantee maximum enjoyment in total safety. The rental karts to the public service can count on 20 vehicles with engines Subaru 4-stroke 270 cc and 3 Vehicles tandem with a 270 cc Honda .
Stella River upstream



Lenght about 50 KM

Lasts about 4 H

Difficulty 12345

Type of ground ASPHALT, DIRT ROAD

This is housed in the St. Agnes’ Tower in the historic centre of Portogruaro. The Town Museum, opened in 1999, reconstructs the story of the town from the 12th century to the 20th century, highlighting and exploring the various aspects of public, private, civic and religious life in the town through the relics contained there. It contains many stone crests of noble families from Portogruaro, statues, libation dishes, inscriptions and ceramics. There are also fine 19th and 20th century prints, including a portrait of Quintino Sella as a member of the Accademia dei Lincei in 1877. 


Exhibition dedicated to the history of Vallevecchia and the Lagoon
Logistics area for bicycles
Guided nature tours, on foot and by bicycle, by reservation

Boat connection -> XLagoon 
Cycle path -> La Vallevecchia
Bohatství a jedinecnost tohoto prírodního prostredí jsou charakteristické znaky prímorské lokality jako je Bibione. Všechno se díky prírode pozvedá: kvalita vzduchu, který dýcháte, krása oblasti, kterou procházíte, a také možnost vašich zážitku.
Z ceho se skládá tato vzácná pridaná hodnota?
Souhrn prvku, které se od sebe liší a pritom jsou v dokonalé harmonii, to spolecne tvorí lagunovou krajinu.
Protkaná spoustou ostruvku a protékajících kanálu, které se zužují aby se na chvíli otevreli a vytvorily vodními útvary, se laguna rozprostírá na rozloze kolem Bibione a nabízí tem, kterí hledají nádherné pohledy  na puvodní faunu laguny, mezi rákosím, moly, dunami pískem. 
Rybárské casoni
Zatímco  se putujete po pešinách, které lemují kanály, anebo behem výletu na clunu  po lagune uvidíte charakteristické obydlí rybáru vyrobených z rákosu a dreva, znamení minulosti a pruchodu z tech, kterí zde rybarili, staveli násypy a malé prístavy, úctyhodná prítomnost v souladu s územím s kterou se setkáme také v rybárských údolích, kde lov a chov ryb existuje dodnes chovají které jsou rovnež soucástí tohoto fascinujícího  mikrokosmu zvaného laguna. I zde v údolích najdeme jezírka, která jsou od zbytku lagunární krajiny oddelená oplocením pro zachování jejich vnitrní rovnováhy. 
Zajímavost zdejšího teritoria? Mokrady a borové, dubové a holmové háje obklopují tri ruzné druhy vody : voda reky Tagliamento sestupující z Alp, voda z more a voda z laguny.

Pláž, príroda, zdraví a...pocit pohody! Pokud pro vás dovolená není jen opalování a pohyb, ale také príležitost venovat svuj cas péci o sebe trochu jinak než obvykle, jsou tu lázne Bibione práve vás!
Lázenský komplex s výhledem na more se nachází v míste, kde piniový háj vytvárí sugestivní prírodní prostredí. Zde si mužete vybrat z bohaté nabídky cetných kosmetickými ošetrení a lázenských procedur, z nichž nekteré jsou hrazeny zdravotní pojištovnou jako soucást lécebného procesu, vzhledem k prokázaným lécivým úcinkum termální vody vytékající pri teplote 52 ° C z hloubky 500 metru.
U zamestnancu, kterí vás privítají, najdete profesionalitu a vysokou profesionální úroven, organizaci a veškerou snahu pri vytvárení komfortního a relaxacního prostredí práve pro vás.
Typy lécebných procedur a ošetrení
- Ambulance a diagnostika (cévní chirurgie, kardiologie, otolaryngologie, pneumologie, dermatologie, dietologie, rehabilitace, ortopedie, vodolécbné procedury, estetická medicína).
- lécba chronických onemocnení cév
- inhalace, endotympanické insuflace (zánety stredouší) a plicní ventilace, bahenní zábaly, balneoterapie, koupele
- diagnostika a fyzioterapeutické ošetrení a kinezoterapeutické a rehabilitacní ošetrení, hydrokinezoterapie.
Lécebná oddelení jsou seskupena v centrální budove. K nim se pridává také budova na pobreží s vnitrními a venkovními termálními bazény, nové wellness centrum se saunami, turecké lázne (finské a lehcí sauny, bylinná biosauna, bylinná lázen, solná koupel, parní lázen) , polarium (kryoterapie), emotivní sprchy a solná kabina).
Excelentní místo v celostátní nabídce italského wellnessu, vyniká svou doplnkovou nabídkou kosmetických zkrášlovacích prípravku, 152 produktu, které nejsou na trhu dostupné.
Bližší informace o výrobcích z kosmetické rady spa najdete na webových stránkách
Pro deti
které tak casto trpí onemocnením zpusobeným alergickými nebo dýchacími potížemi mají lázne detské oddelení,  specializované lékare a pokrocilé technologie v prostredí navrženém a zarízeném pro zpríjemnení návštevy malých pacientu
nabídka dovolené ve znamení wellnessu
Lázne Bibione s celorocním provozem a s vlastním ubytovacím zarízením v Thermae Hotels mají ruzné typy iniciativ, jako jsou Thermae Card, lehátka a vírivé vany a herní pomucky na vnitrních a venkovních bazénech , tyto služby  umožnují spojit lécebné procedury s príjemnou a zábavnou dovolenou také pro vašeho prípadného spolecníka.
Otevírací doba
Bibione Thermae
Via delle Colonie 3 - 30028 BIBIONE (VENEZIA)
Telefon +39 0431 44 11 11 - Fax +39 0431 44 11 99
bližší informace o provozní dobe najdete na webových stránkách:

St. Agnes’ Gate was built in the 12th century. It is owned by the Municipality of Portogruaro. Various restorations have taken place over the centuries, from the 16th century onwards, when podestà Girolamo Zorzi had pavement laid down from the tower to the bishop’s palace. 

This interesting museum is located in the Belfiore area, a hamlet of the Municipality of Pramaggiore. It is housed near Villa Dalla Pasqua, one of the most ancient buildings, with the special shape of a defensive-style closed courtyard.
Inside the museum is a grinding room, work tools and various objects used for a range of activities. It reconstructs the economic and agricultural history of the local area.

The Wood of Alvispoli, Oasis of the WWF, is also called the Park of Villa Mocenigo; it is a remnant of a lowland forest, transformed by the nobleman Alvise Mocenigo and his wife at the end of the eighteenth century in a trendy garden of almost three hectares annexed to the manor house, in which he inserted exotic specimens and opened a series of paths that wind between canals fed by spring waters, hills and a central lake.

In particular, it is possible to observe a single rose in the world, the Moceniga, which survived for two hundred years without the intervention of man, whose origin remains today veiled in mystery.

The state of complete abandonment in which the forest has been for several decades has allowed spontaneous tree species to regain the upper hand; currently the park extends for about 3.5 hectares and has the rough shape of a quadrilateral in which about 2 km of paths wind, suitably traced and completed with wooden bridges.

Numerous animal species populate the area: we can find, for example, the Italic tree frog (Hyla intermedia), the European pond turtle (Emys orbicularis), the wood nuthatch (Sitta europaea), the river Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis), the Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos), the Gray Heron (Ardea cinerea), but also some species of mammals and fish.

Cycle Route -> GiraTagliamento