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Five-a-side soccer Meeting
szombat 18 jún 2022 óráktól 09:00 az órákra 18:00


Five-a-side soccer meeting - 18 and 19 June 2022

A long weekend of sport and fun in one of the most beautiful tourist spots of the Upper Adriatic.
A memorable edition for the most famous and participated open tournament of the specialty: 20,000 square meters of natural grass where for the occasion will be set up up to 25 playgrounds.
In Bibione we will find the joy of having fun to the rhythm of soccer, the sea, the fun of life.

The five-a-side soccer meeting is an open tournament aimed at teams of each level of play divided into the categories: 5vs5 Female and 5vs5 Male. For both categories up to seven reserves per team are allowed. Members of one team may not be part of other teams.

The qualifying phase will start on Saturday (starting at 8.30) and will take place through groups of 5 or more teams with one-way matches (four matches played by each team). At the end of the qualifying phase, for each group will be drawn up a ranking based on the points gained: 3 points for each win, 1 point for each draw, 0 points for each defeat and -1 point in the event that the team did not appear on the field or showed up with less than three players. With equal score the best positions will be assigned in order: on the basis of the difference in goals, goals achieved, the outcome of direct clashes, the number of warnings/ expulsions and, if necessary, the draw. For both categories, the first 128 teams of the qualifying phase will enter the final phase on Sunday. The inclusion of the teams in the Final Round Table will take into account the ranking of the qualifying phase. The placement among the best first of each group, the best second, etc. will be awarded on the basis of the score, the difference in networks, the networks made and, therefore, the registration date. The final phase will take place through knockout matches until the final. All the matches (qualification and final phase) will be divided into two stages lasting 10 minutes each; for both times of the game, the referee, at his sole discretion, will be able to continue the game beyond the scheduled 10 minutes and for the duration that it seems necessary, taking into account the interruptions (ex.: injuries, etc.) occurred during the previous playing time. In the final phase, in the event that a level playing field persists at the end of the regulatory time, the transition to the next round will be decided by the execution of the penalty shootings.


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