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Via Baseleghe, 4, 30020 Bibione, Italia ( 1.0 Km from centre) - show map


A key, distinctive role in Bibione’s natural heritage is played by the fishing grounds, and Valgrande in particular. It is an area that spans 360 hectares, with fencing to protect the flora and fauna. There has always been a harmonious, respectful relationship between people and the environment here and efforts are made to preserve it by encouraging visitors to take a leisurely, low-impact approach.
Valgrande has always been private property. Thanks to the measures taken by its owners, its form has remained unchanged over the years. But what was Valgrande like before they started managing it? 300 years ago, Valgrande was a vast area of marshland where humans did not tend to set foot. Low-impact action was taken to make the wetlands into a suitable environment for farming fish such as grey mullet, European bass, gilt-head bream and eels. This also created outstanding conditions for wildlife, thanks to which it is now a Special Protection Area (SPA) and a Site of Community Importance (SCI). It has not undergone any major changes since the 17th century and this has helped to establish and preserve a balanced relationship with the surrounding areas.
What can you see and do in Valgrande?
In Valgrande, you’ll see reed thickets, expanses of water and woods, not to mention a colony of pink flamingos that appear near the lake every June. The pungent smell of wild rocket floats through the air and is joined by mint in the summer. Poking through the flourishing vegetation, you might see the remains of a Roman villa, complete with a mosaic. It is in an area called “Motteron dei Frati” where the dunes reach up to 11 metres above sea level, making it the highest part of the entire Northern Adriatic coast. In the wetlands, you can go birdwatching, take photographs of unique sights, watch the sunset over the breathtaking landscape in a gently rocking boat, and choose from a number of options for trips in the great outdoors. There are numerous ways to get around the area at a leisurely pace, including walking, cycling, horse riding and kayaking.
Kayaking in the inland lagoon
A fabulous trip lasting around two hours that will take you along the canals to the large inland lagoon. No special kayaking skills are required, so it’s ideal for everyone, including children and beginners. A small selection of refreshments will be provided at an old “Casone” after the trip.
Mountain biking
A ride through the magnificent woods in the wetlands. Admire animals in their natural habitats as you go through ancient holm oak woods and unblemished pine woods, travelling as far as the edge of the lagoon. There’ll be a quick stop for refreshments at an old “Casone” after the trip.
Kayaking in Bibione lagoon
You’ll head towards Porto Baseleghe and go as far as the exit for the sea, before following canals back to the start point. It’s more tiring than the trip to the inland lagoon but still suitable for everyone. There’ll be a quick stop for refreshments at an old “Casone” after the trip.
Nordic walking
It’s possible to take part even if you don’t want to use the poles. You’ll visit “Motteron dei Frati”, some beehives, and an extremely old ant’s nest, while also seeing ponies and goats. You’ll also get a chance to look out over the fishing ponds.
The inland lagoon by motorboat
Led by a guide and travelling in small boats, you’ll visit the most breathtaking parts of the lagoon. Anyone can drive the boats because they have motors for which no licence is required. There’ll be a quick stop for refreshments at an old “Casone” after the trip.
Horse riding
This trip is suitable for everyone, including those who have never ridden a horse before. If the standard of all riders is high, it will be possible to travel at a faster pace. You’ll follow some marvellous trails through the wood.
Sunrise in the wetlands
Wait for the sun to rise in a boat in the middle of the lagoon, accompanied by the manager of the wetlands. An unforgettable experience for real nature lovers who want to hear the sound of the world waking up. Natural products from the wetlands will be served for breakfast at an old “Casone” after the trip.
Fishing in the wetlands
Large European bass and gilt-head bream hide themselves away in deep pools. Catching them is a challenge but anybody can give it a try.
Electric vehicles
Visits can be arranged for everyone, including children and elderly or disabled people who have trouble following long paths in the woods. Thanks to the marked trails and our golf carts, everybody can explore the countless wonders of the wetlands.
Nature trails and the Natural Education Centre
However you choose to visit the area, you will be accompanied by an expert guide who speaks Italian, German and English. You can follow the nature trails on foot, by bike or on horseback. They are all approximately 10 km long. We also recommend stopping off at the Natural Education Centre, where you’ll find multimedia rooms and a museum.

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Fri 17 Sep 2021 + 2 Dates
Bibione Beach Fitness 2021

10,000 m² of stages on the sand, 250 hours of lessons with international presenters, unlimited access and an unmissable closing party. “Bibione Beach Fitness” is coming back to the Veneto resort from 17 to 19 September 2021 to get fitness fanatics moving and having fun.
Sports enthusiasts love spending time in Bibione, where there are all sorts of opportunities to stay in shape in the sunshine. From 17 to 19 September 2021, the Villaggio Turistico Internazionale area of the beach is playing host to Bibione Beach Fitness: Italy’s biggest convention dedicated to physical and mental wellbeing, which takes place right next to the sea.
A weekend of sport, relaxation and entertainment is on offer from Sport Felix, the organizer of the 13th Bibione Beach Fitness. Every year, the late summer event attracts thousands of fitness fanatics who cannot wait to exercise in breathtaking natural surroundings.

The full program Here

Fri 17 Sep 2021 + 2 Dates
Beach Volley Marathon 2021 - 11-12-13 giugno e 17-18-19 settembre

Ritorna anche nel 2021 l'atteso appuntamento con la Beach Volley Marathon di Bibione. Due appuntamenti aspettano gli appassionati della disciplina nei week-end del 11-12-13 giugno e del 17-18-19 settembre.

Grande, sempre più grande, la più grande! La Mizuno Beach Volley Marathon® è il torneo open della specialità più partecipato al mondo, con numeri a dire poco straordinari: 275 campi da gioco su 120.000 mq di arenile a completa disposizione pronti a ospitare un esercito colorato di appassionati di ogni età, sesso e livello di gioco, provenienti da ogni dove.

Sat 18 Sep 2021
Bibione Bike Trophy è un’avvincente e originale 6 ore in mountain bike tra mare e pineta, che si svolge a Bibione (VE). La gara si sviluppa su un percorso ad anello chiuso da ripetere più volte con divertenti passaggi caratteristici e single track di pregevole contenuto tecnico. La gara è aperta a tutti, professionisti e non: la partecipazione potrà essere individuale, in coppia oppure in squadra (massimo 4 partecipanti), con passaggio del testimone in “zona cambio”.

Gara di endurance in Mountain bike della durata di 6 ore, da affrontare da soli, oppure nella modalità staffetta in squadre da due, tre, quattro persone. La gara si svolge su un percorso ad anello chiuso da ripetere più volte (giri, appositamente tracciato dagli organizzatori, vietato al transito ai non autorizzati, su strade sterrate e campi erbosi, con divertenti passaggi caratteristici e single track di pregevole contenuto tecnico.

Tutti i componenti delle squadre che alla conclusione del giro non intendono effettuare il cambio, proseguiranno lungo il tracciato, mentre quelli che lo intendono effettuare dovranno entrare nell’apposita “Zona Cambio”. L’inizio e la fine della zona cambio saranno opportunamente segnalati e presidiati dal personale dell’organizzazione e saranno percorsi obbligatoriamente a piedi.

Il passaggio del testimone tra i componenti di una squadra potrà avvenire solo all’interno della zona cambio e senza l’aiuto di altre persone. Il numero ed il momento dei cambi sono a discrezione della squadra.

Ogni irregolarità in zona cambio sarà punita con l’annullamento del giro.

Chiunque viene trovato sul percorso senza il testimone di squadra, sarà sanzionato con la squalifica dalla manifestazione.

I partecipanti dovranno presentarsi alla partenza alle ore 15:20 per sottoporsi alla verifica dell’equipaggiamento e prepararsi allo schieramento.

Formula Gara
La gara prenderà il via alle ore 16:00 di sabato 18/09/2021 e terminerà alle ore 22:00, da questo istante verrà impedita la prosecuzione ad effettuare nuovi giri del percorso, chiudendo contestualmente anche la corsia d’ingresso alla Zona cambio (non verranno più autorizzati eventuali cambi). Gli atleti impegnati nel percorso, dovranno terminare il proprio giro altrimenti verranno squalificati, ovvero tutti i partecipanti singoli e tutte le squadre dovranno far segnare un passaggio sul traguardo dopo le 22:00.

Nell’ordine d’arrivo le squadre saranno classificate in funzione del numero di giri percorsi e, a parità di giri, del tempo accumulato sul giro.

Lunghezza tracciato: km 9 (Single Track km 7,5 - Spiaggia mt. 900 - Asfalto mt. 600)

Durante la gara della Bibione Bike Trophy 6H, alle ore 18:00 in Piazzale Zenith, si svolgerà uno spettacolo di highline e tessuti aerei "teatrali".

Tutte le ulteriori info sul sito ufficiale dell'evento.