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Adriatic Promenade
Piazzale Zenith, 30028 Bibione, Italia ( 1.0 Km from centre) - show map


It is the bike path parallel to the beach, safe for children, and accessible to everybody, which crosses the entire Bibione coast from east to west.

To divide the cycle path from the pedestrian one there are flowers and shrubs, so from spring to summer, different blooms color the flowerbeds, and their scent is mixed with the air rich in sea salt.

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The sections of pedestrian crossing to access the beach are numerous and well-marked, and there are accesses with slides, some with a high slope.

At the same time, there is a pedestrian pathway where manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs and electric scooters can pass.

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Tue 09 Aug 2022 + 3 Dates
Saturday 4 9.00 pm: IX International Organ Festival “Città di Bibione”, with Mario Perestegi (Croatia).
Tuesday 21: 2. Organ concert with Matteo Venturini (Florence).
Saturday 25: 3. Testimony concert with Debora Vezzani, singer-songwriter.
Tuesday 28: 4. Trumpet and organ concert "Lions Club Bibione", with Giovanni Vello and Maestro Michele Bravin.

Tuesday 5: 5. Choir and organ concert “Lions Club Bibione”, with the Iuvenes Harmoniae choir.
Tuesday 12: 6. Organ concert, with Fausto Caporali (Cremona).
Tuesday 19: 7. Concert, with the instrumentalists of the "Lorenzo Da Ponte" Orchestra, in memory of Don Giuseppe Russolo.
Tuesday 26: 8. Choir and organ concert "Lions Club Bibione", with the Polyphonic Choir Antonio Foraboschi - Palazzolo dello Stella (UD), Roberto De Nicolò - conductor and Daniele Toffolo - organist.

Tuesday 9: 9. Organ concert, with Simone Vebber (Trento).
Monday 22.10. Concert, The Soloists of the Portogruaro International Music Festival. Music by various authors.
Tuesday 30: 11. Organ concert, with Ilaria Centorrino (Messina).

Tuesday 6: 12. Choir and organ concert "Lions Club Bibione", with the "Santa Margherita" choir from Villanova di Fossalta. On the organ: Giovanni Davide Cassan. Direction: Michele Bravin. Music by Don Natale Azzan and various authors.
Tue 09 Aug 2022 + 5 Dates
• Tuesday 24 May at 9 pm Church of S. Maria Assunta Bibione
Etienne Walhain, organ (Belgium)
J.S. Bach: Prelude and Fugue in D major BWV 532 - J. Brahms: O Gott du frommer Gott, op.122 - C. Franck: Choral n. 3 in a min - W.A. Mozart: Andante in F major. K.616 - F. Liszt: Fantasy and fugue on the name BACH

• Wednesday 1 June at 8.45 pm Cathedral of S. Stefano Concordia Sagittaria
Brass of the Friulian Philharmonic Orchestra
Beppino Delle Vedove and Alberto Pez, organ
Alessio Venier, director
G. Gabrieli: Two Songs; Sonata pian e forte; Deus qui beatum Marcum - A. Bonelli: Toccata “Cleopatra” à 8 - G.B. Tomadini: Two pieces for two organs - G. Piazza: Sonata with two organs - G.B. Candotti: Allegro moderato two organs - E. Gigout: Grand Choeur Dialogué - C.M. Widor: Salvum fac populum tuum - R. Strauss: Wiener Philharmoniker Fanfare; Feierlicher Einzug

• Saturday 4 June at 9.15 pm Church of S. Maria Assunta Bibione
Mario Perestegi, organ (Slovenia)
L.N. Clérambault: Suite du deuxieme ton Plei jeu - J.S. Bach: Toccata and Fugue in D minor - J.G.
Walther: Concerto by Mr. Meck - C. Franck: Prelude, fugue and variation - F. Lucˇic´: Fantasia in C min. - J. Alain: Monodie; Ballade en mode phrygien; Litanies

• Tuesday 21 June at 9.15 pm Church of S. Maria Assunta Bibione
Matteo Venturini, organ (Florence)
Ch.M. Widor: two movements from the Symphony n. 6 - Th. Escaich: Vers l’esperance - J.S. Bach
Chaconne from Partita n. 2 for violin - M. Reger Fantasia e Fuga on “Hallelujah! Gott zu loben, bleibe meine Seelenfreud '! "

• Tuesday 28 June at 9.15 pm Church of S. Maria Assunta Bibione
Giovanni Vello, trumpet and Michele Bravin, organ
J. Stanley: Trumpet Tune - J.S. Bach: Concerto in D min. for organ (from Vivaldi); "Jesus bleibet meine Freude - G.Ph. Telemann: Suite in D major. - MYSELF. Bossi: Ave Maria and Pontifical Entrance for organ - A. Hovhaness: Prayer of Saint Gregory - G. Russolo: Toccata above "Chiostri Altissimi" by E. del Cavaliere for organ - J. Clarke: Prince of Demnark's March

• Tuesday 5 July at 9.15 pm Church of S. Maria Assunta Bibione
Juvenes Choir of Udine - Davide Basaldella organ, Tommaso Zanello, conductor
Sacred music from the pre-polyphonic and polyphonic repertoire from the Renaissance to the twentieth century

• Wednesday 6 July at 8.45 pm Cathedral of S. Stefano Concordia Sagittaria
Ludger Lohmann, organ (Germany)
J.S. Bach: Super Fantasia „Komm, Heiliger Geist, Herre Gott“ BWV 651; An Wasserfl üssen
Babylon BWV 651; Allein Gott in der Höh sei Ehr BWV 663 - C. Franck: Choral n. 3 in A minor - A. Glazunov: Fantasia op. 110 - M. Reger: Fantasy and fugue above the choir “Halleluja!
Gott zu loben, bleibe meine Seelenfreud ”op. 52/3

• Tuesday 12 July at 9.15 pm Church of S. Maria Assunta Bibione
Fausto Caporali, organ (Cremona)
F. Liszt: S. François de Paule marchant sur les fl ots - N. Paganini: Perpetual motion - M. Ravel: La vallée des Cloche - L. Vierne: Toccata op. 53 n. 6 - Improvisations

• Tuesday 26 July at 9.15 pm Church of S. Maria Assunta Bibione
Foraboschi Choir of Palazzolo delle Stella
Daniele Toffolo, organ - Roberto De Nicolò, conductor
Ch.M. Widor: Kyrie, Sanctus et Benedictus from the "Messe" op. 36 - C. Saint-Saëns: Deus Abraham - A. Guilmant: Ecce panis - A. Messager: O salutaris - Th. Salomé: Grand Choeur in f op. 68 n. 5 for organ - I. Pizzetti: Ave maris stella - L. Molfi no: O sacrum convivium: M. Sofi anopulo: My good is to be close to God - F. Lopez: Vierge Marie - A. Perosa: Virgin Mother; A. Lloyd Webber: Pie Jesu from the "Requiem"

• Tuesday 9 August at 9.15 pm Church of S. Maria Assunta Bibione
Simone Vebber, organ (Trento)
J.S. Bach: Prelude and Fugue in E flat. May - M. Reger: Three pieces from op. 145 - L. Vierne: Three movements from the Symphony n. 1

• Wednesday 10 August at 8.45 pm Cathedral of S. Stefano Concordia Sagittaria
Silvano Rodi (Principality of Monaco)
G.F. Haendel: Overture from Occasional Oratorio - M. Corrette: 4 Pièces complémentaires pour orgue - J.Ph. Rameau: Suite from Les Indes Galantes - A. Grazioli: Rural Symphony - N. Moretti: Sonata VIII - O Respighi: Aria - M. Giacone: Poème romantique - H.A .: Celtic hymn - J. Zwart: Overture on Dankt dankt nu allen God

• Tuesday 30 August at 9.15 pm Church of S. Maria Assunta Bibione
Ilaria Centorrino, organ (Messina)
W. Albright: Jig for the feet - C. Franck: Cantabile; Grande Pièce Symphonique, Op.17 - W. Middelschulte: Perpetuum mobile - T. Escaich: Vers l’esperance - C. Saint-Saëns: The swan and Finale from the Carnival of the animals

• Wednesday 7 September at 8.45 pm Cathedral of S. Stefano Concordia Sagittaria
Marco Baradello, organ (Portogruaro)
Ch.M. Widor: two movements from the Symphony n. 6 - G. Russolo: Two Paraphrases above the Ave Maria; Almost Tarantella; Aphorism debussy - C. Franck: Fantasia in A major from Trois Pièces - C. Debussy: Andantino doucement expressif from the string quartet

• Wednesday 5 October at 8.45 pm Cathedral of S. Stefano Concordia Sagittaria
Musical Chapel of the Cathedral of Udine
Beppino Delle Vedove, organ - Davide Basaldella, conductor
Romantic sacred music: works by C. Gounod, J.G. Rheinberger, A. Perosa

• Saturday 29 October at 8.45 pm Cathedral of S. Stefano Concordia Sagittaria
Francesca Koka, violin and Daniele Toffolo, organ
J. Rheinberger: Overture and Theme with variations from Six pieces for violin and organ - F. Mendelssohn B .: Sonata II op. 65 - M.E. Bossi: Rédemption for organ and Adagio for violin and organ - A. Martorell: Chaconne in the form of a Rondò - D. Toffolo: Spiritual air for violin and organ - J. Alain: Postlude pour l'Office de complies for organ and Three movements for violin and organ
Wed 10 Aug 2022 + 21 Dates
During the opening hours of the Lighthouse, it is possible to visit the PRIMIS project.

The overall project objective is to enhance the linguistic, cultural and natural heritage shared by the minorities of the programme area in order to attract sustainable cultural tourism.

The common challenge of the programme area to which the PRIMIS project will contribute is the "Conservation, protection and restoration of cultural and natural heritage". The overall project objective is to enhance the value of the linguistic, cultural and natural heritage of the linguistic communities in the programme area in order to attract sustainable tourism. This area is by nature multicultural and multilingual, due to the presence of Slovenian and Italian national minorities and other language communities (Cimbrians, Ladins, Friulians) making it unique compared to other territories in Italy and Slovenia. The project will bring about a new perception of the multicultural and multilingual identity of the PA for both tourists and residents. The main outputs are the creation of 4 Multimedia Centres for the dissemination of the specificities and peculiarities of the indigenous language communities; a multimedia platform and a digital guide; the enhancement and promotion of cultural events in the PA; information and training activities for specific target groups. The beneficiaries are: tourists, residents, young people, SMEs, project partners. The intended approach is to transfer the multicultural and multilingual peculiarities of the indigenous communities to the tourism sector and the promotion of the cross-border territory through the use of innovative, interactive and multimedia tools with immersive and virtual reality in the Multimedia Centres. The approach will go beyond the current practices of the sector (sea-mountain) because it will help to create tourism products based on the cultural and linguistic heritage of the PA. Cross-border cooperation is necessary because it brings together the diversities and peculiarities linked to multiculturalism and multilingualism to create a unique image of the PA. The project is original because it considers the material and immaterial cultural heritage of the indigenous language communities as an added value for an economic activity - cultural and sustainable tourism.
Wed 10 Aug 2022 + 77 Dates
The idea of Progetto LuMe started in 2019 with the aim of safeguarding and preserving the memory of the Bibione Lighthouse.

An intense research work has allowed the collection of autobiographical material never seen before, thanks to the oral testimonies and photographs of the lighthouse keepers and mariners, and of their relatives. The archives of the Italian Military Navy have returned important historical documents and drawings for the reconstruction of the events and the architectural changes of the Lighthouse over time.

At the end of the exhibition, Progetto LuMe will go on becoming the first archive of memory of the Bibione Lighthouse: a collection of photos and stories (“My best memory at the Lighthouse”) that will be soon published in the website, hoping to see it growing over time.

All material collected has been selected and elaborated to organize the contents of the exhibition “LuMe – Storie di Luce e Memorie” (LuMe – Stories of Light and Memories) at the Bibione Lighthouse.

The visitor will be taken through the discovery of the Lighthouse’s history, from its construction to the present time and will listen to the stories of its protagonists.

Free entry.
Wed 10 Aug 2022 + 1 Dates
The Meetings with witnesses are part of the Bibione guarda all'Avvenire 2022 - XVI Edition: a cycle of spiritual and cultural events organized by the Parish of St. Mary Assumption of Bibione, now in its XVI edition.

For all the summer months, until 17 September 2022, concerts, meetings and musical performances will follow the words "Hearts in Listening", accepting the invitation of Pope Francis to make a synod, to walk together, through open listening.

The "Meetings with the Witness" will take place in Piazza Treviso (in case of rain in the Parish), unless indicated in the individual appointments.

Wednesday, July 6 - Meeting with the witness. Hearts listening: Sport and the challenges of life
Meeting with the Paralympic Champion Antonio Fantin and Don Alessio Albertini National Ecclesiastical Assistant of the Sports Italian Centre. Presentation of Antonio Fantin’s autobiography "Punto. A Capo".

Wednesday, July 13 - XVI feast of "Avvenire" and "il Popolo"
Guest of the evening Michele La Ginestra, actor, playwright, theater director and television presenter.
Opening by Marco Tarquinio director of Avvenire and Simonetta Venturin director of il Popolo.
The event will take place at the park of the parish church.

Wednesday, July 20 - Hearts listening... to persecuted Christians
VII Prize "Luigi Padovese", S. B. Mons Pierbattista Pizzaballa, Patriarch of Jerusalem of the Latins.

Wednesday, August 10 - Meeting with the witness. Hearts listening... of art.
The philosophical-spiritual path of Franco Battiato. Live concert with the ensemble Le Meccaniche Celesti Quintet.
At the R.T.A. Santo Stefano.

Tuesday, August 23 - Meeting with the witness. Hearts listening... of Peace
Meeting with Card. Dieudonné Nzapalainga, Archbishop of Bangui (Central African Republic). In dialogue with Lorenzo Fazzini, Editorial Manager of Libreria Editrice Vaticana.
The event will take place in the Parish Church.

The poster with the complete program of "Bibione guarda all'Avvenire" is available at the following link:
Wed 10 Aug 2022 + 22 Dates
A dynamic awakening with a sea view and with a professional instructor to start the day in the best way.

From 10:00 to 10:30 am every day except Saturday and Sunday.

From 29/05 to 10/09 the lessons will take place on the beach in the following points:

Via Regolo/Piazzale Zenith
Via Firmamento
Piazzale Adriatico/Via Vivaldi

From 5/06 to 10/09, 4 more entertainment points are added on the beach:

Viale della Luna 
Via Ariete
Via Sagittario
Passeggiata al mare (Bibione Pineda)