Here in Bibione, we know what your body and spirit need and we take care of both! Do you always try to attend a Sunday service, including when you’re on holiday?
This page is for all those looking for information about church services not only in Italian but also in German, Polish and Slovak.
The parish:
Parish church:
- Santa Maria Assunta (18 Via Antares)
Parish priest: Father Andrea Vena
Telephone: +39 0431 43178
Fax: +39 0431 43178
Summer services: Weekdays: 6.00 pm – Thursdays: 8.00 am – Saturdays: 6.00 pm – Sundays: 9.00 am and 11.00 am.
Summer chapels:
- Church of Santo Stefano (3/A Via delle Colonie)
- Chapel of Maria Regina della Pace (“Pasotto” Pastoral Centre – 18/A Via Capricorno Ovest, Lido dei Pini)
- Chapel of San Pietro (Via Puccini, 30020, Lido del Sole)
- Chapel of Sant’Antonio (Via degli Asfodeli, Bibione Pineda)
For more information about mass times and details of mass in other languages, see
Summer chapels:
- Bibione Pineda, Sant’Antonio (13 Via Baseleghe)
Weekdays: no mass
Saturdays: 7.00 pm
Sundays: 8.00 am and 10.30 am
- Lido del Sole, San Pietro (Via Vivaldi)
Sundays and public holidays: 10.30 am
- Lido dei Pini, Regina della Pace (Via Lira)
Weekdays: no mass
Saturdays: 7.00 pm
Sundays: 9.00 am
- Bibione, “Santo Stefano” (Via delle Colonie)
Mass will be held in other languages until September.
Mass from September onward
No mass will take place in the summer chapels (Lido del Sole, Bibione Pineda and Lido dei Pini).
In the parish church:
Weekdays: 8.00 am (until September) and 6.00 pm
Saturdays: 6.00 pm
Sundays: 9.00 am, 11.00 am and 6.00 pm (until September)

Next events near
Sat 03 Apr 2021
Bibione Hell’s Race OCR - 3 April 2021

An event where fun and adrenaline will not be lacking! A new and original obstacle course in a unique landscape setting with two race tracks and numerous challenges to tackle: walls to climb over, ditches and dunes to overcome, sandbags to transport, then walls and balance tests and many other diabolical obstacles.

#Bibione 3 April 2021
Sat 03 Apr 2021 + 2 Dates
Bibione Beach Fitness 2021 Special Edition - from 3 to 5 April. Three days at the beach in complete freedom to devote to the trendiest fitness activities of the moment, giving yourself a break from the routine.
Sat 01 May 2021 + 8 Dates
Partecipando al Trofeo Beach Volley Junior giovani e giovanissimi atleti vivranno un’entusiasmante esperienza in una delle più belle spiagge dell’Alto Adriatico.
Sun 02 May 2021
Everything is ready for the 5th edition of the international Bibione Half Marathon. On Sunday 10 May 2020, the competitive race will fill the spring streets in Bibione, a Northern Adriatic beach resort that has some of the highest visitor numbers in Italy.
In just a few years, Bibione Half Marathon has established itself as an unmissable part of the local spring calendar. It is attracting more and more interest, as underlined by the constantly growing number of people signing up. During the event, there are special deals available for stays in the resort’s accommodation facilities, with an extremely wide range of hotels, apartments and holiday villages on offer.
More info:
Fri 14 May 2021 + 5 Dates
Ritorna anche nel 2021 l'atteso appuntamento con la Beach Volley Marathon di Bibione. Due appuntamenti aspettano gli appassionati della disciplina nei week-end del 14-15-16 maggio e del 17-18-19 settembre.
Fri 28 May 2021 + 2 Dates
Bibione Yoga Retreat - 28-29-30 maggio. A tutte le persone attente alla salute che amano le attività all’aria aperta e le esperienze coinvolgenti, Bibione Yoga Fitness si rivelerà un prodotto autentico.