Spacious spots on Bibione beach, surrounded by greenery

Unwind after a long lockdown thanks to social distancing measures on the shore. Bibione is ready to keep tourists safe on the sand. All those staying in accommodation in the resort get their own sizeable spot on the beach included in the price.

On Saturday 30 May, Bibione beach was officially opened for the 2020 summer season. Even though the largest expanse of sand in Italy has been reorganized to give tourists the freedom to enjoy up to 64 m² of space around their umbrellas, almost all of the prices that were established before COVID-19 struck have remained unchanged.

There will be a choice of three different types of spots by the shore. The ones closest to the sea will cover 16 m², which is comfortably larger than the 10 m² required by the latest Italian legislation. Moving further up the beach, there will be 32 m² intermediate plots and then huge areas spanning 64 m² at the back.

The delights of a day at the seaside will be enhanced by the eye-catching plants and flowers that have been added to complement the new 2020 layout on Bibione beach.

In June, the price for an umbrella and the corresponding patch of sand will range from €17.50 to €20.50 per day. As part of the efforts to promote social distancing, everything can be booked online at Thanks to a local initiative, nothing has changed on the pricing front for people staying in the resort: as always, an umbrella and a spot on the sand are included in the cost of accommodation in participating establishments.

Great diligence and dedication were shown by all those who worked on the project, as Bibione Spiaggia president Gianfranco Prataviera was keen to underline: “We’re extremely pleased with what we’ve achieved. Visitors to Bibione will find that the beach is well organized, complemented by greenery and more stunning than ever. We’ve managed to provide the larger spaces and additional services required by COVID-19 rules without having to increase prices.”

The ticket offices, bathrooms and kiosks on the beach will comply with all of the new health and hygiene regulations. Sun loungers, deck chairs and umbrellas will be cleaned on a daily basis and disinfected each time they are passed from one user to the next.

Tourists can order lunch, snacks and drinks with a special app and have them brought directly to their very own spot on the sand.