Covid-19: openings and information


COVID-19 has led to numerous changes in recent months: how we work, how we live, how we shop, and above all how we get around and travel.

At last, we’re starting to see some improvements. There’s hope in the air now that the lockdown has been eased and we can start dreaming of the long summer that lies ahead. If you’re thinking about spending your holiday in Bibione, on this page you’ll find some useful information that will help you to plan an unbeatable stay.

Are the accommodation establishments in Bibione open?

Yes, the majority of them are already back in business and more will be opening soon. All members of the trade in the resort have taken measures to provide maximum safety for guests and ensure that they comply with the legislation that is in force.

Is it possible to book holidays in Bibione at the moment?

Yes, it is possible. You can either contact the individual destinations or use the booking system on this website.

The members of staff in Bibione’s accommodation establishments are all hard at work and ready to help you to organize an outstanding holiday, as usual.

If I book now, will I have to pay a deposit?

The booking conditions and the amount that has to be paid as a deposit vary from one establishment to the next. Please contact the establishment in question if you would like more information about how to pay your deposit or you want to ask for an extension to the payment deadline.

How will groups of people and gatherings be managed in hotels?

The instructions from the public health authorities will be followed with the utmost professionalism by staff managing the presence of people in Bibione’s accommodation facilities, in order to ensure that all tourists can have relaxing, enjoyable holidays.

In addition, the accommodation establishments are working to ensure that all services can be provided in dining rooms and other dedicated areas in accordance with the rules and procedures that the relevant health organizations will publish soon.

How will apartments be cleaned? Will they be disinfected after each stay?

We will soon be given information about the methods and products that we need to use when cleaning accommodation not only before we reopen but also between one guest and the next.

We are waiting to be told about the health protocols that every establishment will have to follow when cleaning both apartments and public areas.

I have booked a stay at a place with a swimming pool. Will I be able to use it?

The establishments in our resort are taking action and will soon be able to confirm which services will be available, in accordance with the health directives that should be issued shortly.

I booked a two-week holiday but I will now only be staying for one week. Can I use the deposit that I have paid to cover the cost of that one week

That should be possible in most cases, but each establishment has its own booking policy. Please contact the establishment where you made the booking to confirm exactly how long you will be staying and make arrangements regarding the deposit.

Will it be possible to use the facilities in the spa centre?

Italian national health service spa therapy and treatments will be available in the spa from 7 June, as will physiotherapy sessions. The spa pools and beauty centre will be opening again soon, with limited access in order to facilitate social distancing. COVID-19 antibody tests will also be available at the spa.

For further information and all of the latest updates on the spa centre reopening, see

Can I book an umbrella on the beach?

Bibione Spiaggia and Bibione Mare have had an online booking system for a number of years. Follow this link to see all of the information about booking umbrellas.

When will the beach open?

On Saturday 30 May, Bibione is officially opening its beach for the summer 2020 season. The delights of a day at the seaside will be enhanced by the plants and flowers that have been added to complement the new layout on the sand.

How will social distancing be managed on the beach?

Bibione Spiaggia (the company that manages 80% of the beach), will offer tourists a choice of three different types of spots by the shore. The ones closest to the sea will cover 16 m², which is comfortably larger than the 10 m² required by the latest Italian legislation. Moving further up the beach, there will be 32 m² intermediate plots and then huge areas spanning 64 m² at the back.

Have the prices of umbrellas gone up?

There will be no price increases for the umbrellas provided by Bibione Spiaggia. For example, the price in June will range from €17.50 to €20.50 per day.

Will the sun loungers and umbrellas be disinfected?

Sun loungers, deck chairs and umbrellas will be cleaned on a daily basis and disinfected each time they are passed from one user to the next. The ticket offices, bathrooms and kiosks on the beach will comply with all of the new health and hygiene regulations. 

Will the public beach be open? How will it be run?

Yes, the public areas of the beach to the East and West of Bibione will be open. The local council is currently putting the final touches to the access and booking systems. It will be possible to book from 6 June. Until then, it will be possible to walk on the public areas of the beach but not stop on them. Pegs will mark out individual plots all over the public areas of the beach in order to ensure that people follow the social distancing rules.

Is it safe to go to Bibione on holiday?

The accommodation facilities are taking all of the necessary measures to clean and sanitize their premises in accordance with the instructions of the health authorities, thus guaranteeing maximum safety for everyone.

There has always been plenty of space on Bibione beach, with big spaces between the umbrellas.

First aid stations, a hospital and other medical services in the town help to provide unparalleled protection for the health of visitors.