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Saturday 21 May 2022 + 1 Dates from hours 09:00 to hours 18:00


A sporting event dedicated to inclusion and complete accessibility. Through this project, sport and culture can merge, in the name of inclusion and complete accessibility.

22-23 OCTOBER 2022:
  • CONFERENCE : Sport, Tourism, Inclusion, Sustainability
  • SPRINT RACES {100-200-400-800MT) valid for the Italian AICS + Eurocup Championship
  • MEDIUM AND LONG DISTANCE RACES {10K-21K) valid for Italian Championship aics + Eurocup
  • Guided bike tours, open to the public, throughout the event

The Footbike is suitable for children with autism:
  • you can train safely, without taking risks
  • can socialize
  • are involved in a playful-competitive commitment
  • can achieve concrete goals in equal competition with all their peers

The FIFB (Italian Footbike Federation) has, among its institutional objectives, the dissemination and practice of footbike as a means of sports integration, the elimination of social barriers, and the promotion of the integration process. AICS has among its main institutional aims the promotion of sport for all and the organization of physical-sports activities with recreational and educational purposes, as well as acting to promote cultural elevation and improve well-being and psycho-conditionand citizens in general and enable them to achieve civil and cultural growth, social cohesion and improve the quality of life.

Through this project, the aim is to promote the practice of this sport by children with autism, integrating the presence of children with autism within the usual sports paths and in competitive events, thus removing at source the idea of separate sports routes and competitions compared to those organized for children without disabilities.

The practice of this sport is suitable for the peculiarities of children with autism who find opportunities, not only to train the body safely, without taking risks, but above all to socialize, to be involved in a playful commitment-competitive, to achieve concrete goals in equal competition with all their peers.

The possibility for children with autism to compete on a par with peers without disabilities, can be an opportunity to increasingly thin out any separation between each other and give the first "opportunities for rewarding commitment".

It is well known the constant commitment of Bibione in making its territory more and more accessible and creating opportunities for inclusion. The partnership between FIFB and AICS has precisely this important objective: to help children and families - through an ethical, inclusive and environmentally friendly sport - to find in the footbike the opportunity to discover their own dimension of normality and to find within the sports community propulsive thrust to the opening, enjoying the sporting successes and the well-being of their children. The footbike can become an integration tool.

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