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Bibione Olistic Festival
Friday 01 Jul 2022 + 2 Dates from hours 15:30 to hours 13:15


Bibione Olistic Festival offers three days of wellness: body, mind and spirit, in the spectacular setting of the beach of Bibione, its spas and its beautiful nature. A whole weekend in which the oldest disciplines of yoga and the best mindfulness techniques meet in two paths dedicated to self-knowledge.

A chance to practice your favorite holistic disciplines and get to know new ones, together with the best teachers in the field. An exclusive space to meet people who share your same interest in personal growth and individual and collective well-being. Over 40 hours of outdoor lessons, from dawn to dusk, suitable for both experienced enthusiasts and those who want to approach the holistic disciplines for the first time

The activities proposed by Bibione Olistic Festival are suitable for everyone, regardless of age and physical preparation. To participate, you must not have particular sporting aptitudes, but only curiosity and desire to experiment in a place protected and free from judgment.

Moving and breathing in freedom is the theme of the number one edition of the Festival, but it is also a message of positivity that, in the first post-emergency summer, brings attention to a fundamental aspect, which in the last two years has strongly influenced psycho-wellnessphysical of adults and children.

The theater of this event will be, not surprisingly, the spa of Bibione, overlooking the sea and surrounded by unspoiled nature. On the beach - the first in Italy completely smoke-free - will alternate classes focused on breathing techniques and mantras, such as Hatha Yoga, Pranayama and Vinyasa Yoga, but there will also be meditations with songs and live music, in addition to mindfullness and Qi Gong exercises, the Chinese art of longevity.

Exceptional teachers such as Sara Bigatti, creator and curator of La Scimmia Yoga, the master Claudio Cedolin Ganapati of the Studium Yoga Center and other familiar faces of holistic practices will guide you in the exploration of this theme.

Each discipline will teach you to feel free without letting external circumstances overwhelm you. An opportunity to recharge their energies and bring home the teachings of the masters of the discipline, as confirmed by Claudio Cedolin Ganapati: "At Yoga retreats, many people participate with the hope of radically changing their way of life. In Bibione we will have the opportunity to take the first important step, learning how to give shape to change also in everyday life".

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