ABIT Bibione

If you want to rent an apartment, a villa or a bungalow, look no further than ABIT, the Bibione Travel and Estate Agents’ Association. The affiliated agencies have a selection of more than 10,000 accommodation units and they can offer you guaranteed peace of mind throughout your holidays. They are open all year round, they have multilingual staff, they are committed to providing transparent prices and they can offer numerous deals for their guests, including free beach equipment and shuttle buses. The staff are available seven days a week to cater to all of your needs.

In addition, ABIT has a registered quality label: a blue house against a yellow background. It gives all of its properties a score of between 1 and 5 houses, depending on the location, structural features, furniture/ interior design and services offered by each one.

Every year ABIT organizes the Septemberfest for its tourists in Piazzale Zenith. It is the biggest wine-and-food kermis of Bibione, with good wine and with the typical products of its territory on occasion of the harvest time; two evenings, in the wonderful September atmosphere, with dances and live music. The meeting point is in Piazzale Zenith and Viale della Luna, where the stands will be open from 6 pm. The wines can be tasted in the special glass realized every year for the occasion and given as a present by the Tourist Realtor Agencies Associated to A.B.I.T. to their clients (on sale for all other tourists) together with the wine bag, the original personalized bag carrying the glass that grants the possibility of free tastings in these two days.

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Information: home@bibione.com

For you holidays in Bibione fell free to contact the associaded agencies of A.B.I.T.

ACENTERVia Lemene, 49Tel. 0431 43672info@acenter.it
ADRIACorso del Sole, 170Tel. 0431 43444info@adriatur.it
ADRIATICACorso del Sole, 123Tel. 0431 437033info@adriaticabibione.it
ALFAViale dei Ginepri, 254Tel. 0431 430124info@agenziaalfa.it
ANNAViale dei Ginepri, 118Tel. 0431 430941info@agenzia-anna.com
ARENAVia dei Lecci, 19Tel. 0431 437347bibione@villaggio-mareblu.com
ARUSIVia Polluce, 42Tel. 0431 438929arusi@arusi.it
AZ GROUPPiazzale Zenith, 8Tel. 0431 439081info@azgroup.it
AZZURRACorso del Sole, 130Tel. 0431 447167info@azzurrabibione.com
BELMARECorso del Sole, 21Tel. 0431 430940info@belmare.eu
BIBIONE GREEN&SMART HOLIDAYSVia Acquario, 12Tel. 0431 377145info@bibionegreen.com
BYBYONE SASVia Lira, 38Tel. 0431 43307grotto@bybyone.it
BUSOLINPiazzale Zenith, 1Tel. 0431 43506info@agenziabusolin.it
CASAMARECorso del Sole, 94Tel. 0431 430303info@casa-mare.it
DOMUSCorso del Sole, 111Tel. 0431 430148info@domusbibione.it
EDILTURVia Cassiopea, 7Tel. 0431 43413info@residencegemma.com
EUROCOMPASSPiazzale Zenith, 5Tel. 0431 439588info@eurocompass.it
EUROPA GROUPCorso del Sole, 102Tel. 0431 430144europa@etgroup.info
EUROSANDVia Rigel, 81Tel. 0431 430284info@eurosand.it
EUROVACANZEVia Maja, 74Tel. 0431 437454agenzia@eurovacanzebibione.it
GEMINICorso del Sole, 70Tel. 0431 668475info@geminibibione.it
IMM. FRIULICorso del Sole, 82Tel. 0431 430301info@immobiliarefriuli.it
IMM. ITALIACorso del Sole, 17Tel. 0431 439807info@agitalia.net
INTERNATIONALVia Procione, 52Tel. 0431 43347info@agenzia-international.it
LAMPOVia Unità d’Italia, 1/aTel. 0431 43306bibione.spiaggia@lampo.it
LAURA DE BIASIVia Croce del Sud, 38Tel. 371 3532395bibionelaura@gmail.com
MARINACorso del Sole, 134Tel. 0431 430270info@agenziamarina.it
MC – CICUTOCorso del Sole, 43Tel. 0431 430280info@agenziamc.com
MEDITERRANEAVia Puccini, 6Tel. 0431 43153info@meditonline.com
ONDINAViale dei Ginepri, 160Tel. 0431 439070info@agenziaondina.it
SERENACorso del Sole, 175Tel. 0431 43284info@agenzia-serena.it
SIRIOCorso del Sole, 178Tel. 0431 430155info@siriobibione.com
SOLECorso del Sole, 196Tel. 0431 43194info@agenzia-sole.it
SUMMERViale Alemagna, 15Tel. 0431 430121info@agenziasummer.it
SUMMERHOLIDAYVia dello Zodiaco, 25-27Cell. 393 4148577info@summerholiday-bibione.com
TURISTICA PINEDACorso del Sole, 60Tel. 0431 43456info@agenziaborin.it
TURISTICA TONUSSICorso del Sole, 256Tel. 0431 430328info@turistica-tonussi.it
VENEZIACorso del Sole, 201Tel. 0431 43395info@agenziavenezia.it
VISENTINViale dei Ginepri, 62Tel. 0431 43437info@ag-visentin.it
WELCOMINGVia Fenice, 64Cell. 348 9007572info@welcomingbibione.it