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The building dates back to the 18th century, although one particular document attached to the baptism registry hints at a pre-existing church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin. It has an atmospheric facade embellished by an harbour and by two characteristic grooved oval windows.
Inside is a statue of the virgin by the artist Valentino Besarel. The dedication of the church recalls the proclamation of the dogma of the immaculate conception by Pope Pius IX, on 8th December 1854.

Portogruaro This is housed in the Villa Comunale, a lovely 16th century building by Bergamasco. It was opened in 1976 as the “Michele Gortani” museum with 10 display cases. Today there are 25 cases housing around 1500 fossils. They range from the lower Palaeolithic era to the appearance of man. Most come from Veneto, Fruili and Carnia. 

Bibione venovalo širokou cást svého území na rozvoj projektu pro zachování biodiverzity, tvorí ji tomto území druhy zvírat a rostlin puvodem z hranicního území mezi Itálii a Slovinskem. Tato iniciativa obohacuje nejen komunitu ale také zážitky návštevníku zdejšího teritoria. Stredozemní zahrada v Bibione se nachází na západním výbežku poloostrova poblíž prístavu Porto Baseleghe a ústí Canale dei Lovi.

Projekt je soucástí programu preshranicní spolupráce Itálie-Slovinsko (2007–2013), který zastrešuje obecní správa San Michele al Tagliamento a MAS východních Benátek, na uzený bylo provedeno mnoho rekvalifikacních prací a oblast byla rozšírena zavedením druhu rostlin typických pro duny a místem za dunami. Tato iniciativa je zamerená na ochranu prírodních prvku typický pobrežních v kontextu, kde antropické tlaky mohou ohrozit tyto charakteristické znaky území. Na míste jsou  informacní tabule a jiné materiály v ruzných jazycích i v papírové v digitální podobe, které uciní návštevu ješte prístupnejší a zajímavejší.
The shape of the track, its length (over 1200 meters) and width (from 8.50 to 10.50 meters), the escape routes, the 17,000 square meters paddock, with over 200 pitches with facilities, the parking capacity, the infrastructure and services for the races are widely dimensioned according to the international regulations of the ACI SPORT ASN (in category A) and CIK-FIA ASN. To note that the building, has a length of 100 m, a total volume of about 10,000 cubic meters and a floor area of 1,500 square meters. on the ground floor and as many on the first floor. The building is used as a ticket office, emergency room, shop kart field, warehouse for rental vehicles, workshop, large storage carts for customers, walk to the timekeepers and speaker, services for the public and the drivers, driving school , large meeting room, bar, pizzeria - snack bar.

Our vehicles
At the International Circuit Friuli Venezia Giulia you can find the best resources on the market to guarantee maximum enjoyment in total safety. The rental karts to the public service can count on 20 vehicles with engines Subaru 4-stroke 270 cc and 3 Vehicles tandem with a 270 cc Honda .



Lenght about 20 KM

Lasts about 1,5 H

Difficulty 12345

Type of ground ASPHALT, DIRT ROAD
The arch, which was rebuilt in 2014 after years of relative abandonment, is known as the Arco del Fondaco “de’ Todeschi” and represents Portogruaro’s commercial vocation and, in general, the town’s fundamental role at the time of the Venetian Republic. The original building had three naves divided into two courtyards and was located in the San Giovanni area. The Arco del Fondaco is made of large blocks of Istrian stone, surmounted by a trabeation with the lion of St. Mark in the centre. In 2014 it was restored to its ancient splendour and placed in Piazza Marinetti, in one of the historic entrances to the town.

The Portogruaro Municipal Contemporary Art Gallery dates back to just after the Second World War. It has hosted exhibitions by internationally
famous artists like De Pisis, Carena, Guttuso, Saetti, Guidi, Afro, Vedova and Springolo.
The first surrounding wall of the abbey was built in the 10th century, after the devastation caused by the Magyars.
The facade is dominated by a fresco representing the lion of St. Mark, dating back to the late 15th century. Below it is a bas-relief with the crest of cardinal Grimani , to the left is a fresco where the Grimani crest is repeated and to the right there is a fresco of a crest with a cross, whose ownership is unknown.
Beyond the entry tower you access a large courtyard that has recently been paved, onto which all the main buildings of the abbey complex look. There is also a brick bell tower here.

The service will be available every day until October 2 2022 and on weekends from October 8 to November 1 2022.

Boarding areas:
- BIBIONE: Via della Laguna (Bibione Pineda)
- VALLEVECCHIA: Via del Dossetto (near Museo Ambientale della Vallevecchia)
- CAORLE: Strada Passo Falconera (Isola dei Pescatori)

Reservation required:
SMS WhatsApp: +39 351 6988159

Bibione – Caorle, Return € 15,00
Bibione – Caorle, One way € 10,00
Bibione – Vallevecchia, Return € 6,00
Bibione – Vallevecchia, One way € 4,00
Caorle – Vallevecchia, Return € 7,50
Caorle – Vallevecchia, One way € 5,00
Free children