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Via delle Costellazioni , 60, 30028 Bibione, Italia ( 950 m od středu) - zobrazit mapu


Il “Beer Code", is a historic brewery located in the center of Bibione. We offer beers for all palates from the simplest to the most full-bodied, looking for the gem in craft breweries : is a real experience that involves all the senses. But there is no beer that should not be accompanied by a good dish. Our kitchen offers a rich menu that ranges from apetitizer to raw chopping board from Dall’Ava  and burrata, from bruschette to salads and cold dishes, from sandwiches to hamburgers, up to main courses with our signature piece: the cockerel, to be eaten strictly with the hands. 


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via delle costellazioni , 60, 30028 bibione , italia Zobrazit telefon Webový server
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